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Chapter 11: The Fully Enlightened One

One is groaning, one is crying, one is shouting, or one is very ecstatic and one is laughing - and he knows all is false. Neither is there any cause to laugh, nor is there any cause to weep. All is false. People are asleep. He will not go to the person who is crying and console him, “Don’t cry,” and he will not feel happy because somebody is laughing. He knows that they are dreaming.

That is the situation of a tathagata, of a buddha. One who has known his inner sky now knows that everybody is that sky, but everybody is clouded. And those clouds are false, imaginary. And if those clouds are false and imaginary then there are no beings. To whom can the tathagata demonstrate the dharma? There is nobody, there is pure sky. The moment you disappear, all beings disappear. Then there are no longer separate beings, it is all one. There is nobody like a master and nobody like a disciple.

That’s why I said to you the other day that this is a game, a great drama that we are enacting here. It is the ancient drama, enacted many times - enacted with Buddha and his disciples, Christ and his disciples, Krishna and his disciples. The same drama is being enacted. From your side it is a very real thing, from my side it is just a drama. From your side it is a serious thing to be a disciple; from my side it is neither serious nor nonserious, it is simply a cloud. And my whole effort here will be to help you to see that it is just a cloud, a formation in the clouds.

And the day you become awakened you will laugh, because there is nothing to be achieved - nothing to lose, nothing to achieve. All is as it has always been since the very beginning; to the very end, it remains the same. Do you think the sky changes when clouds gather in the rainy season? Do you think the sky changes when it is summer and the clouds disappear? Do you think there is any change in the sky? The sky remains the same, clouds come and go.

So is sansara - so is the world, the mind.

Buddha says:

What do you think, Subhuti, does it occur to the Tathagata, “by me has dharma been demonstrated”? Whosoever, Subhuti, would say, “The Tathagata has demonstrated dharma,” he would speak falsely, he would misrepresent me by seizing on what is not there.

There is neither I nor you, there is neither the master nor the disciple. And there is nothing to demonstrate, all is as it is. There is nothing to teach, there is nothing to learn.

Because not even the least dharma is there found or got at. Therefore is it called “utmost, right and perfect enlightenment.”