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Chapter 2: On the Altar of the Real

The center is there in you, but you will have to go digging through these two layers, the positive and phony, and the negative and phony. And then you will fall into that oceanic oneness, the total, the whole. Then suddenly great bliss arises - that is satori. It is not to be created, it is already there. It is not even to be discovered, it has only to be rediscovered. You had known it before, hence the search. Otherwise the search was impossible.

Why do people go on searching for bliss? - because they must have known it. Somewhere deep down, the memory still persists of those sweet moments in the mother’s womb when all was quiet, still, when all was one, when there was no worry, no responsibility, when there was no other. It was paradise. It is the meaning of the symbol of the Garden of Eden. The womb is the Garden of Eden.

But you cannot live in the womb forever; sooner or later you have to come out of the womb. And the moment you come out of the womb, the society is bound to educate you. The society and the education are not yet human. It is neurotic, it is very primitive because it does not help the child to grow in his center. It does not help the child to grow remaining alert of the center. On the contrary, it tries in every way so that the child forgets the center and becomes identified with a false personality that the society is providing to the child.

The society is not interested in the child; the society is interested in its own structure. The society is not interested in the individual; it is against the individual, it is all for the collective. And the collective has been neurotic, and the collective has been ugly. But the society is past oriented and the individual is future oriented. The individual has to live in the future, and the society knows only the past in which it has lived. The society has no future; the society consists of the past. It goes on imposing that past on the child.

In my vision, in a real human society, nothing will be imposed on the child - nothing at all. Not that the child will be left all alone to himself. No, he will be helped, but nothing will be imposed. He will be helped to remain whole; he will be helped to remain rooted in the essence. He will not be forced to shift his consciousness from the essence to the personality. The future education will not be an education in personality, it will be an education in essence.

And that is the meaning of a religious education. Up to now there is no religious education. And whatsoever you call religious education is either Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan; that is indoctrination, not religious education. Religious education will help the child to remember what is already there in the child, not to forget it.

The real education will make the child more meditative, so he never loses contact with his inner being. There is every possibility to lose because he will be moving with others, he will start imitating others. He will have to learn many things from others. Let him learn, but let him become aware that he is not to become an imitator.

But that is just what is being done, and has been done down the ages. We teach children to become imitators: “Be like Jesus. Be like Socrates. Be like Buddha.” The child can only be truly himself and nobody else - ever. And whatsoever he will try to become will be false and phony.

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