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Chapter 21: Your Work Should Be Your Joy

Just the other day, I told President Hasya that gachchhamis should be stopped, because they give a certain idea of religion. So many people doing gachchhamis looks like Mohammedans doing namaz, Christians doing prayer.

No, religio is individual; it has no collectivity. You are related to each other with a very thin thread; because the other is seeking himself, you are also seeking yourself. This seeking has brought you together. It can be of immense help, because seeking oneself means going into aloneness. One fears, one always wants to be in the crowd with someone; that way you can avoid your aloneness.

I traveled in India for thirty years continuously, and sometimes it took forty-eight hours to reach a place. The fastest train would also take that long. There were places that you could reach only in seven days. But that was the only time for me to rest, because when I reached the destination, then there was continuous work to be done from morning to night: to talk to people, to destroy their conditioning, to deprogram them.

It happened many times that traveling in an air-conditioned compartment I was with only one other passenger - because only two passengers could travel in a compartment - and the other passenger was very eager to know about me. So before he even opened his mouth, I would say, “Wait! This is my name.this is my father’s name.this is my father’s father’s name.. This is their business.this is the number of my brothers and sisters” - how many are married and how many are not married, how many have a college education, who are still in the university: somebody is becoming an engineer, somebody is becoming a doctor..

The man would look shocked. He would say, “But I have not asked!”

I said, “You were going to; now what is the point? Unnecessarily you will ask one question after another. I have given the whole thing! Do you have any more questions?”

And just thinking, “That man seems to be mad!” he said, “No, I don’t.”

Then I said, “Remember, for the coming twenty-four hours no questions, no yakkety-yak. This is my period of rest. If you want to talk, you can talk to yourself.”

But that was also difficult - to talk to himself in front of me. So what would the man do? He would open his suitcase, bring out something, put it back, close the suitcase; go to the bathroom, come back out - unnecessarily. He could not tolerate it, twenty-four hours just being alone. And finally he would go to the conductor and say, “Whenever you have a seat in another compartment, please change me.”

But the conductor said, “That man is innocent! He travels continuously. I know him, he has never harmed anybody.”

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