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Chapter 1: Man Is a Becoming

But you can call man stupid because with man there is hope, a ray of great light. With man, a door opens towards the beyond. He can transcend himself and he is not transcending - that’s his stupidity. He can grow and he is not growing, he is clinging to all kinds of immaturity - that is his stupidity. He goes on and on living in the past, which is no more - that is his stupidity. Or he starts projecting in the future, which is not yet - that is his stupidity.

He should live in the present with deep passion, with great love, with intensity, with awareness, and that will become his intelligence. It is the same energy: upside down it is stupidity; put it right, rearrange it, and it becomes intelligence.

Intelligence and stupidity are not separate energies. The same energy functioning in harmony is intelligence, functioning in contradictions is stupidity. Man can be stupid - don’t think that it is unfortunate. It looks on the surface that it is unfortunate, but hidden behind it is great glory, great splendor which can be discovered.

But the society, the so-called religions, the state, the crowd, they all want you to be stupid; nobody wants you to be intelligent. They all condition you to remain stupid your whole life for the simple reason that stupid people are obedient. Intelligent people start thinking on their own; they start becoming individuals. They start having their own life, their own lifestyle, their own way of seeing, of being, of growing. They are no more parts of the crowd - they cannot be. They have to leave the crowd behind, only then they can grow. And the crowd feels offended; the crowd does not want anybody to be more than the average person - it is against the average person’s ego. The crowd, the collectivity, has a great involvement: the involvement is that anybody becoming more intelligent, more individual, more aware, will not be any longer part of the mob psychology.

You cannot force Buddha to follow the stupid people. And the stupid people are many, the majority, ninety-nine point nine percent. They have a great power with them - the power of violence - and they show it whenever it is needed. They showed it to Jesus, they showed it to Socrates, they showed it to Mansoor.they would like to show it to me.

The man who threw a knife to kill me just few days before was simply a representative of the ninety-nine point nine percent people. He was not a single individual; the whole crowd psychology is behind him, he has the support of the crowd. The crowd also thinks in the same way; there is no difference about it. He is a leader; he is fulfilling the desires of many. They would like to remove me from the scene; I am becoming a disturbing factor to them. I am going against their taboos, I am going against their inhibitions, I am going against their past. They call it their culture, their heritage, their religion.

The man who threw the knife, before he threw the knife he shouted, “You are talking against our religion, our culture! We cannot tolerate it!” He is simply a mouthpiece. He is trying to show that the crowd can be violent if you try to be an individual; it will not tolerate your existence even. All the vested interests would like everybody to be stupid.

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