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Chapter 20: Slipping into the Vertical

People who have done the Aum marathon meet with Osho tonight. Osho asks the leader how the group has been.

I followed your advice: -Let Veeresh not be there-; and when I got stuck I closed my eyes, relaxed, and thought of you. [He recounts three incidents in the group when this has happened.]

Really fantastic it has been. Good!

All these three points have been really meaningful, and they will be growing more and more.they will be coming more often. Finally a time comes when they are no longer moments - they become your state. These have been glimpses; nourish them, remember them.

Next time more will become available. It is what, one day, will become simply your spontaneous consciousness. Veeresh is not there, and tremendous things happen. There is nobody like a doer, not even a watcher. No division exists; things simply move of their own accord. Not that you stand by the side - you move. Really, you move for the first time, but you move in a unison. You move with the group; not separate, not leading them, but so much with them that they forget all about the leader and the leader forgets all about himself.

Then the leader becomes something innermost to every participant, and the group moves on its own. You never feel that it is moving without you. It is moving with you but now you are no longer separate from the participants. You have become part of them, you have entered them. Now the group is no longer a collectivity, it is really no longer a group. A collective soul has arisen; the individuals are no longer there. They have dropped their boundaries, have merged. Definitions are there no longer - everything is murky, muddy, boundaries confused.nobody knows who is who. And that is the most beautiful moment when it comes to a group, when a soul has arisen. Then something possesses all - something that is beyond and yet within. Those are the ecstatic moments.

What has happened to you will soon be happening to the whole group and everybody will become aware of it at the same moment. This is what is known as the phenomenon of possession. The modern mind has completely forgotten that language. Only primitives knew about it - how to be possessed by the divine. That simply means how to be dispossessed by the ego.

Once you are not there, something beyond you takes possession, and things move - nobody is moving them; they move on their own. The very energy moves like a river.. it finds its own course and everybody simply moves with it. There is no need to push the river - you are not separate from it.

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