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Chapter 1: Give Him Special Treatment

Maneesha has asked:

Does where we have come from have some significance in relation to where we are going?

No, Maneesha, because it is the same place. Where you have come from and where you are going is the same place. These are not two places, so there is no question of any significance.

There is no need to bother about from where you have come. That is a long route, a very long route. A few people have done that, and it creates a tremendous anguish that you cannot even conceive. One life is enough to make anybody insane, but remembering backwards, other lives.and you don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of lives you have lived, because for four million years you have been here on this planet. And that is also not the end.

To those who have been concerned with that problem, it is a necessary question: from where have we come to this planet and in what way? Life must have come to this planet from another planet which was dying either because of a natural disaster, or because the beings who lived there destroyed it by creating something like nuclear weapons. But something must have happened on some planet. There are five hundred planets on which life can exist. We must have come as seeds from some other planet.

So even if you go backwards.which is a very difficult process, but possible if you are stubborn enough, like Mahavira. He is a very stubborn man. I don’t think there is any parallel. He lived naked and he would not speak. For twelve years he was absolutely silent - so silent that one day he was standing by the side of a river under a tree meditating.And he would never meditate sitting, simply because sitting is a very comfortable position. He did not like Gautam Buddha’s posture; that was too comfortable. In that comfortable posture there is so much possibility of your falling into dreams, into sleep. But standing, it is very difficult to fall into dreams or sleep. You have to remain awake. Mahavira is the only man who has meditated standing.

So he was meditating under the tree. And a man brought his cows to the river, and as the cows were drinking water, and Mahavira was standing to the side under the tree, somebody came running to the man - he had brought almost a hundred cows - and told him, “Your house is on fire, you are required immediately.” But to leave these hundred cows in the forest.Then he saw a good point, that this man was standing there. So he told Mahavira, “You are standing here anyway, just keep a little watch over my cows and I will be coming back soon.” He did not bother even to consider that Mahavira had not answered, and he had no idea who he was.

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