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Chapter 24: Doubt to the Very End

They have to suffer whatsoever they have done. And if they have to punish someone they should punish the pope, Mother Teresa, shankaracharya, Ayatollah Khomeini. Hang all of them. These are the people who are against birth control, against the pill, against abortion. These are the people who are increasing the population. The pope increases the population and I am responsible for it? And those poor people listen to the pope, not to me, so what have I to do with them?

It doesn’t matter to you that you are insulting maybe half the world by saying this?

I want the world population to be reduced to one fourth. Only then can this world be comfortable, luxurious; can people live, enjoy, rejoice, create. Life can be a blessing. With this population it is a nightmare, and the responsibility goes to your religious leaders. I am not going to suffer for their crime - me, or my people. We are living in comfort, in luxury.

I believe in comfort and luxury. And man has the intelligence to create more comfort than nature is capable of giving, more luxury than nature has ever intended to offer. Man should use the opportunity. These poor people who are dying in Ethiopia, in India, or anywhere, have listened to the wrong people. Now they should take revenge. They should burn the Vatican, they should take over all the churches. I am not responsible for their poverty.

For thirty years I have been teaching birth control methods, abortion, and the poor people to whom I have been teaching these things have been throwing stones at me, have been throwing shoes at me, have made attempts on my life. Strange reward! - I am trying to have them understand how to prevent becoming more and more poor, and they want to kill me.

I am simply finished with all that nonsense. They should go to their pope, to their Khomeini, to their shankaracharya, and settle their things. I am concerned only with my red people and with nobody else.

Do you really have to be a little bit out of your mind to become a sannyasin? You once said that.

Certainly, because there are two ways of being out of the mind. One is falling below it; then you go into an insane asylum. The other is going above it; then you become enlightened. But both are out of mind. Hence there is a certain similarity between the madman and the buddha. A certain similarity.

Aren’t you freezing?


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