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Chapter 13: The Seeking Becomes the Path

It is just as when a child is going to be born. For nine months the child has lived in the mother’s womb, absolutely comfortable. Never again in his life will he be so comfortable. The whole of science cannot yet create such comfort as a mother’s womb can give to a child: no responsibility, no worry, no struggle. Everything is supplied; even before the need arises, the supply is there. Not that you demand and then the supply is there. That law of economics does not apply there. Even before you demand, the supply is there. Everything is comfortable, it is paradise. And the child is completely asleep for twenty-four hours, deep in oblivion, in darkness, silent.

And then birth comes. The child cannot see what is going to happen. All that he can see is that everything is getting disturbed; he is being thrown out of his home - comfortable, heavenly.

In fact the biblical story of Adam’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden is nothing but a parable of the birth of man. The womb is the garden and the expulsion is just the birth of the child, the trauma. And the child is uncomfortable, tremendously uncomfortable, terribly uncomfortable; the whole thing is like a shock. Psychologists say that it is a trauma. Before death, never again will such a trauma happen. Only death can be a comparable shock, and even it is not much of a shock because life tires one, exhausts. In a way, one starts wishing to die before one actually starts dying. So even death is not going to be so terrible as birth is.

This is again a birth. Religion is nothing but a way to be reborn - in consciousness. So if you fight, if you try to cling, the interval will be prolonged. Simply relax. There is no going back now.

The situation is as if the head of the child has come out of the womb and the whole body is still inside; there is no going back. You can only come out. And if you cling you simply prolong the pain and the suffering - and it is unnecessary. Cooperate.

Only death is comfortable. Life has its discomforts and one grows through them - pain, suffering. Everything has its own meaning.

So as I can see, I bless you. Nothing is wrong; everything is perfectly as it should be. Just be a little more courageous, mm? It will disappear. Don’t waste time, and cooperate with the process. Accept it and move with it.

Finally, that which looked like insecurity in the beginning, you will find is the only security. And that which looked like discomfort in the beginning, you will soon find is the only happiness there is. But you will have to move into it. Don’t be afraid!


I’m very pleased to be here. I’m basically a cynic, and I never expected to be so moved. I just came to see my friend!

Mm! Much is going to happen - you don’t know. You are caught! (to the boyfriend) Just help her. First you make her comfortable then I will make her uncomfortable! Don’t scare her from the beginning, that I will do. (a chuckle)

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