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Chapter 5: This Is Egoism

Two types of people don’t fit. One: someone who has developed an anti-social ego; he will never fit. But he can be put on trial, there is that possibility. You can torture that man, you can punish him and he may come to his senses. The torture may be too much and he may be converted. Then there is another type of man who is impossible for the society - a Jesus. He is not a criminal but he has no ego. How can you make a man who has no ego fit? He looks absolutely irresponsible but he is not: he has a greater commitment to God. He has no commitment to the society. One who is committed to God doesn’t bother; he has a different depth of morality. It doesn’t come from codes, it comes from his self-knowledge.

But then a problem arises, because societies have created their moral codes. Those moral codes are man-made. Whenever a Jesus or a Buddha happens, he doesn’t bother about the man-made conventions. He has a greater commitment; he is involved with the whole. Each moment he decides his response through his awareness, not through conditioning; so nobody knows about him, about what he will do. He is unpredictable.

Societies can forgive criminals but they cannot forgive Jesus and Socrates - that’s impossible. And these people are almost impossible. You cannot do anything about them because they are not wrong. And if you try to understand them, they will convert you - you cannot convert them. So it is better to kill them immediately. The moment the society becomes aware it kills them immediately, because if you listen to them there is danger - if you listen to them you will be converted. And there is no possibility of converting them, so it is better to be completely finished, to have no relationship with them. You cannot put them in prisons, because there also they will remain in relationship with the society. They will exist. Just their existence is too much - they have to be murdered. And then, when priests take over, then there is no problem. The pope of the Vatican is part of the society; Jesus never was.

That is the difference between a sect and a religion. Religion is never part of any society. It is universal, it is existential, and very very dangerous. You cannot find a more dangerous man than a religious man, a more rebellious man than a religious man, a more revolutionary man than a religious man, because his revolution is so absolute that there is no possibility for any compromise with him. And because he is so absolutely certain - he knows what he is doing - you cannot convert him. And he is infectious: if he is there he will spread like a disease, he will infect many people.

Jesus had to be killed. Christianity can be accepted, but not Christ. What is Christianity? Christianity is society’s effort to replace Christ. Christ is dangerous, so society creates a Christianity around him. Christianity is okay because it is a social phenomenon, a social politics. The church is okay, the priest is okay - the prophet is dangerous. That’s why three hundred religions exist on the earth. How can there be three hundred religions? Science is one. You cannot have a Catholic science and a Protestant science; you cannot have a Mohammedan science and a Hindu science. Science is one - how can religions be three hundred?

Truth cannot be sectarian. Truth is one and universal. Only one religion exists. Buddha belongs to that religion, Jesus belongs to that religion, Krishna, Mohammed, they all belong to that religion. And then there are three hundred religions - these are false religions, these are tricks the society has played with you, these are substitutes, imitations.

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