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Chapter 7: Love Dispels Fear

Now they are giving two alternatives to Jesus. If he says follow the scripture, then they will ask, “Where has your concept of love, of compassion, gone? Can’t you forgive her? So that talk of love is just talk.” Then he will be caught. Or, if he says, “Forgive her,” then they will say, “Then you are against the scripture; and you have been saying to people, ‘I have come to fulfill the scripture, not to destroy it.’” This is dilemma; now these are the only two alternatives.

But the legal mind never knows that a man of love has also a third alternative, which the legal mind cannot know about, because the legal mind can only think in opposites. Only two alternatives exist: yes or no. The legal mind does not know about the third alternative, which de Bono has called po - yes, no, and the third alternative is po: it is neither yes nor no; it is totally different.

Jesus is the first man in the world to say “Po.” He didn’t use the term; the term has been invented by de Bono. But he said po, he actually did it. He said to these people, to the crowd, that the scripture is right: one who has committed sin should be stoned to death. “But only those people amongst you who have never sinned, and never thought of committing sins, should come forward. You should take stones in your hands and kill this woman.” Now there was not a single one who had not committed sin, or who had not thought of committing it.

There may be people who have not committed sin, but they may be thinking continuously about it. In fact, they are bound to think about it. People who commit, think less about it: those who don’t commit, continuously think and fantasize. And for the innermost core of your being, it makes no difference whether you think or you do.

By and by the crowd started disappearing. People who were standing in front disappeared to the back - the legal leaders of the society, the prominent citizens of the town, started disappearing. This man had used a third alternative. He didn’t say yes, he didn’t say no. He said, “Yes, kill the woman” - but only those who have never committed sin or thought about it, they should kill her. The crowd disappeared. Only Jesus was left with the woman. The woman fell at his feet and said, “I have really committed sin. I am a bad woman. You can punish me.”

Jesus said: “Who am I to judge? This is between you and your Lord God. This is something between you and God. Who am I to interfere? If you realize that you have done something wrong, don’t do it again. God bless you.”

Such situations were continuously repeated. The whole effort was to bring him into an argument where the legal mind can succeed. You cannot argue with the legal mind - if you argue you will be defeated because in argument the legal mind is very efficient. Whatsoever position you take up, it matters not; you will be defeated. Jesus could not be defeated because he never argued. This is one of the signs, one of the indications that he had attained to love. He remained on his peak; he never descended.

Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, “Master, which is the great commandment in the law?”

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