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Chapter 1: The Grand Rebellion

If you go against it, you are committing suicide. Maybe it is very slow suicide - it may take a few years for you to die. One religion, Jainism - unfortunately I have been born into that religion - even supports the idea of suicide. Other religions unconsciously support it, but Jainism is clear about it.

It preaches that if you want to commit suicide, commit it because this life is not worth living. This earth is not your home, your home is beyond the clouds. They call it santhara, but it actually means slow suicide. Whenever a man goes on santhara, he becomes immediately a great saint. Santhara is a fast unto death - no food, and in the end no water. For a healthy man to die it takes almost ninety days, and those ninety days are of immense self-torture. Jainism is simply making conscious that which every religion has as an implication.

What have all the saints of the world been doing? And what is saintly in their actions, in their behavior, in their style of life?

A man who was worshipped very much by the Christians in Egypt, remained sitting on a high pole for twelve years! It was a ruin of an old palace, and only one pillar was standing high. It was very difficult; it was a small place to remain on for twelve years. He could not sleep - he had to tie himself to the pillar. He could not come down even to go to the toilet, so he was defecating from the pillar, pissing from the pillar.and people were worshipping him.!

He must have suffered immensely just to get this honor, honor from the ignorant masses. Just to get this prestige of being a great saint, he was living in utter dirtiness, ugliness. And he dropped from the pillar only when he died. A great memorial exists in his name because he has done the greatest penance against the original sin of Adam and Eve.

Strange ways have been found how to take your pride. Now Adam and Eve have committed a sin? I don’t think they have committed any sin. They were simply provoked by God to eat from the Tree of Knowledge and from the Tree of Eternal Life. To prohibit anything is to provoke - it is a simple psychology. God could have learned much from Sigmund Freud.

In the Garden of Eden where God lived, there were millions of trees. If he had not prohibited those two trees, I don’t think that even by now we would have found them.millions of trees with beautiful fruits. We would have still been chewing grass in the Garden of Eden just like the buffaloes. If anybody committed the sin it was God himself.

And why did he prohibit his own children from eating from the Tree of Knowledge? No father would do it. Every father wants his children to be as wise as possible. And why should a father prevent his own children from eating the fruit which will make them eternal, immortal. Every father would love - even ordinary fathers on the earth would love their children to be immortals.

What kind of God was this? And if this is God - who prevents his children from becoming wise, from becoming Socrates, and Gautam Buddha, and Lao Tzu, this is not a god worth having. If he has not died by himself, then somebody has to murder him. He has tortured humanity enough.

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