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Chapter 13: Of Love of One’s Neighbor

“One of my friends, who was a collector told me that he could not believe it, when one aboriginal came and said to him, ‘Arrest me, I have committed a murder.’ They are so innocent that if you have committed a murder.. And he said, ‘Although there was no intention, one thing led to another - we were fighting, and I pushed him from the mountain, and the poor fellow died. I feel sorry for him, but I have committed murder. There is no eyewitness; except me, nobody knows it. And in my parts, in the forest, there is no police station, so I had to come almost one hundred and fifty miles to report.’”

I asked this man, “If he was educated, do you think he would have come to report that he has committed a murder, when there is no eye witness, when there is no police for one hundred and fifty miles? These aboriginals.you think you are doing a selfless service - you are destroying them.”

I have been with the aboriginals. They are perhaps the only people in the world - very small tribes left here and there - who don’t dream. They have a strange ritual that will look absurd to you: if somebody dreams, he reports immediately to the chief of the tribe, “I have dreamt this.” If he has dreamt that he has beaten somebody, he has to take some food, some flowers, to the man, as an apology: “Just excuse me. In the dream last night I have beaten you.” The man knows nothing, because he was not present in the dream.

I have asked those aboriginals, “What is the point of this?”

They said, “It does not matter whether he has beaten that man or not, but he has the desire; otherwise, from where did the dream come? And the desire is enough to require an apology.”

These simple human beings.they don’t have any prostitution, they cannot have it, their social structure is such that after a boy or a girl becomes mature, thirteen, fourteen.. They have in the middle of their poor village just straw huts, but made so beautifully and so clean, with so much love and art; nothing valuable in them. Just in the middle of the town they have a big hut. After a boy and girl become sexually mature, they cannot sleep in their own homes, they have to sleep together in the hall in the middle of the village. And they have to find their partners, their friends. The only law they have is that you should not be with any girl more than three days, or any girl should not be more than three days with a boy. No sexual inhibition. So almost every boy comes in contact with every girl of the village. Every girl comes to know every man of the village. Then it is up to them to decide with whom they would like to live their whole life. They don’t know any divorce.

Because every woman and every man has known each other, they have chosen the best person possible. They cannot find anyone better. They have found the person with whom they fall in rapport. There is no divorce, there is no prostitution.

And all the missionaries are trying to convince them that this institution, where boys and girls live together, is immoral. In fact, it is one of the most moral institutions - it should exist everywhere. You are choosing a life partner, and you are not given any chance to be with many people, so that you can choose. Your choice remains so stupid, because some girl has a long nose, or some girl has beautiful hair, or some boy is very polite, very nice.

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