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Chapter 27: There Is Nothing to Do

I was hit several times, but for the first three times I thought something was happening inside my head I was not aware that someone else did it.

(laughing) It happens that way. The energy suddenly comes up. It can be a feeling of something inside happening.

(to another participant) Do you have anything to say?

Well, sometimes I think I have a lot to say, but really there’s nothing. It feels like there isn’t anything to say.

There is nothing - and that is something, mm? When you have nothing to say that means something has happened. Otherwise one has a lot to say, and it is meaningless; the chattering mind goes on, and to chatter is very cheap. It is a trick of the mind to avoid real problems. The mind goes on creating false problems, and you go on talking about them.

People ordinarily think that when they talk they are communicating. But the reverse is the case - they are avoiding communication, they are creating a wall of words around them. Watch yourself, and whenever you talk too much with someone immediately remember what you are doing. You are creating a wall so that you can hide behind it, so that the other cannot reach you and you become unavailable. It is not communication. It is isolating yourself through language and through words.

When you have nothing to say there is subtle communication. You say something without saying it, and your whole being becomes assertive.

Good! Whenever anybody says he has nothing to say, he has said something.


Members of the Enlightenment Intensive are present.

I have these thoughts all the time that I have to do this, I have to do that(.

You have a habit, and a very deep-rooted habit, of being a doer - “something has to be done.” Nothing has to be done! Life is a given thing, and nothing has to be done. All that you need is already given. One has just to enjoy it, to delight in it. You are wasting time in doing things. Drop it, and when I say drop it, don’t start doing.

I think I’ll practically have to become enlightened before I stop doing!

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