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Chapter 1: Life Is Such a Puzzling Affair

Just as a river disappears into the ocean, two beings disappear into each other, without holding anything back. Two flames come close to each other and suddenly become one flame. Neither loses anything, and both gain all the treasures of the other.

Maneesha, you are saying, “I have tried and cannot find the words that adequately convey the beauty of those moments when you enter the auditorium.” Words will always fail whenever something really beautiful, something existential, something of the beyond, something sacred is happening. Words simply fall short.

Always remember, when words fall short, it is a very blissful moment; when you cannot express it, then it has some significance. If you can express it, if it is possible to put it into words and language, then it is just something below mind.

Everything below mind is mundane.

Everything beyond mind is sacred.

But that which is beyond mind cannot be put into language, into words. So whenever you see a moment arising in you that is so big that no word can contain it, you are blessed; you are showered by flowers from the beyond.

You are saying, “I see the heads of my beloved friends bend down: their love and reverence for you is so poignant, and touches me so deeply. And when your eyes fall on mine, I feel as if I am drinking from a chalice full of golden light. This connection between you and us, your devotees, this is the real ‘holy communion,’ isn’t it?”

Yes, this is the holy communion, where the egos disappear in a great flood of love, where small minds are left far behind, and you are flying like eagles across the sun, in the infinity of the sky - where you are not bound by your bodies, by your minds; where suddenly, you have become a freedom, a spirit. And if there are many people together in the same space it certainly deepens the mystery, the glory, the magnificence, the divineness of the moment. Yes, Maneesha, this is what I call “holy communion.”

I am not.

I have not been there for a long time.

In certain moments you join me, and you are also no more. In this silence, in this nothingness, where neither I am nor you are, but only a silence prevails - this is the “holy communion.” This is the greatest beautitude, the highest benediction.

This is the door to the divine. This is the door invisible to the eyes, but perfectly visible to the inner being.

Those who enter this door are no more Hindus, no more Christians, no more Buddhists. They are simply pure spirits, just innocent beings - with a fragrance they have never known, which surrounds them with a light that dispels all darkness.with a music which is without any sound, and a feeling of dance, although there is not any movement.

This is the great secret of being religious.

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