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Chapter 22: A Journey without End

To bring you down from the head, the heart is used; the master says that a heart-to-heart communion is needed. It seems possible because the heart is not very far, and you have some experiences of the heart. You have loved someone - you may be a mother, you may be a husband, you may be a brother, you may be a friend - you know that there are things which are not of the head. The heart is not absolutely unknown.

The absolute unknown cannot be presented to the disciple - not by the artful master - but something that seems realistically plausible. That’s why the master talks about heart-to-heart communion.

It is immensely deeper than the communication that happens between one head and another head. It is tremendously gratifying, but it is just an overnight stay. In the morning we go again, because your being is there. At just the same distance from the heart to the mind, towards the periphery, the being is in the opposite direction, towards the center.

Once you have come to the heart - known its joys, known its song, known its beauty - now you can be persuaded to go a little further. And the master who has brought you to the heart has meanwhile also created a trust that he knows what he is talking about, that he knows the way; that he was not simply a thinker, he was sharing his own experience. He has walked the path many times, each nook and corner is known to him. He says, “There is much more: being-to-being contact, and the communion becomes just as ordinary as communication was.”

He allures you, persuades you: “But the meeting with the master at the point of being is only one hundred miles.” The moment you have come to the being, then he says, “Now begins the real journey. Up to now we were only preparing for it; it was preparatory work.”

From being to the universal consciousness.and that journey is endless, but the ecstasy goes on deepening.

At each step, you are more; your life is livelier, your intelligence is aflame. And nobody stops. Once the seeker has reached to his being, he himself becomes capable of seeing what lies ahead - treasures upon treasures. No persuasion is needed.only up to the point of being: those one hundred miles are the most difficult. After those one hundred miles, it may be one thousand and one miles or an infinity - it makes no difference. Now you know that there is no goal in reality; the very talk of the goal was for the beginners, was for children. The journey is the goal.

The journey itself is the goal. It is infinite. It is eternal. You will find stars, unknown spaces, unknowable experiences, but you will never come to a point where you can say, “Now I have arrived.” Anybody who says “I have arrived” is not on the path. He has not traveled, his journey has not begun; he is just sitting on the first milestone.

But each time it is painful too - it is a sweet pain. You get to the heart and it is so beautiful, so lovely, one would like to remain. There is no point in going anywhere anymore, it seems everything is achieved.

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