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Chapter 3: Love is Showering on Your Boyfriend Too!

It is not only that the husband is trying to figure it out, his wife knows that all that he is going to say is nothing but lies. Even if he tells the truth, the wife is not going to believe it. Nor does the man believe.. Husbands and wives become detectives, watching each other out of the corners of their eyes - what is going on.?

A woman was a hypochondriac. Every day, she was picking up some new disease from television advertisements about medicines. She enjoyed it because it is a very dominating position: you are sick, you are ill - the husband cannot be hard on you, he has to be sympathetic. He has to say, “Darling, I will take you to the doctor.”

But the doctors were saying that she did not have the disease. “What am I going to treat?” So she would force the husband to go to another doctor for another opinion..

But fortunately, she died. She left a will saying, “On my grave nothing else should be written except: Now you know - or do you still think I was a hypochondriac?”

One loves only if one finds a communion of the spirit. It is not against biology or anything. Those are strategies of nature to continue the species. If one loves as a communion of spirit, the indication, the absolute certainty will be that there will not be any jealousy. Because if the wife finds herself happy with someone one day, and you love her, then you should be happy because she is happy.

Love wants everybody whom it loves to be happy. If there is a communion of spirit, there will be no secretiveness. The wife can say, “Look at that man, how beautiful he is,” and the husband will not be offended. He will appreciate his wife’s aesthetic sense. That’s what she is saying; she is not saying anything else.

In nature, no animal is happy while making love. Ordinarily, we don’t come across other animals, only the stray dogs.but have you seen their faces? They are so sad while they are making love, and people make them even more sad. People start hitting them with stones. Strange people.you want to love and you don’t want anybody else to love. The dogs are not doing any harm to anybody, and a crowd follows them and they are dragging each other in agony.

That’s why in the animal world there are only seasons when animals make love. For the remaining year they forget about love completely; that one season was enough. It takes at least nine months to forget what happened.

But man is more stupid. He hates it - every night thinking, “This is the end! Let tomorrow come.” And by the evening he starts thinking again, “Why not take another chance? What is the harm? Then I can stop.”

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