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Chapter 29: History Repeats Itself, Unfortunately

But Ronald Reagan is not a man of intelligence. He was just a poor, third-class, cowboy-film actor. I have not seen a single statement from him which seems to be coming from an intelligent source. His going to the Vatican, his meeting with the pope.and he is continually talking about religion and Christianity and Christ. His idea is that you don’t have anything parallel to the ideology of communism to use against Russia. Democracy is not such a strong thing that it can make anybody fanatic.

Have you seen any fanatic democrat? It is a contradiction in terms. If you are a democrat you cannot be fanatic. So who is going to fight against the fanatic communist? Yes, a fanatic fascist can fight, a fanatic Christian can fight, a fanatic Mohammedan can fight. But remember one thing: it is really fanaticism that is going to fight. Communists are fanatic. They have an absolute faith that they are going to take over the world.

I had one communist friend - he was really a great intellectual. He had written many, nearabout a hundred, books, all on the communist theme but in a very indirect way: they were novels. But through the novel he was preaching the communist theme, so indirectly that you would be influenced by the novel. The novels that he has written are first rate - he was a first-rate creative writer - but the result ultimately will be that he will be pulling you towards communism.

His name was Yashpal. I told him, “Yashpal, you are against all religions” - and communism is against all religions, it is an atheist philosophy. “But the way you behave and other communists behave simply proves that communism is another religion.”

He said, “What do you mean?”

I said, “I simply mean that you are as fanatic as any Mohammedan, as any Christian. You have your trinity: Marx, Engels, Lenin. You have your Mecca - Moscow; you have your Kaaba - the Kremlin; you have your holy book - Das Kapital. And although Das Kapital is now a hundred years old you are not ready to change a single word in it. In a hundred years economics has changed totally - Das Kapital is absolutely out of date.”

He was ready to fight. I said, “It is not a question of fight. Even if you kill me that will not prove that you were right. That will simply prove that I was right and you could not tolerate my existence. You give me arguments.”

Communism has no argument.

I said to him, “Your whole philosophy is based on the idea that the whole of humanity is equal. This is psychologically wrong. The whole of psychological science says that each individual is unique. How can unique individuals be equal?”

But communism is fanatic. He stopped speaking with me, he stopped writing letters to me. I used to pass through his city, Lucknow. He always used to come to the station to see me - he stopped coming to see me.