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Chapter 24: Doubt to the Very End

It is cold in here.

I love freezing!

But you have beautiful clothes on.

They are not thicker than yours.

Sure, you are richer than I am.
Recently the pope of Rome paid a visit to the Netherlands. Don’t you think that you have to come there to see how your five thousand Dutch friends are doing?

No, I don’t have any need to go anywhere.

You let them come to you?

They come here. Always the thirsty have to come to the well.

But you once called Holland your most orange country, so I wonder what you are doing in Oregon?

In Oregon I am doing something else. In Holland, even without me the country is going to turn red; but in America my presence is needed.

You have made attacks on Ronald Reagan several times. I never heard you talk about the Russian leaders.

I simply don’t know anything about the Russian leaders - except that I am against communism.

But you do know about Afghanistan, and the Russians being there?

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