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Chapter 9: The Truth beyond Magic

These are the possibilities within you. Ordinarily you exist as a bad man, so you are existing on the minimum, on the lowest rung. Try to become a good man. It is better than to be bad, but don’t think it is the goal - it is all comparative, it is all relative.

I have heard:

Mulla Nasruddin was in love with a woman. He went to the girl’s father and requested that he should be allowed to have his daughter’s hand.

The father was completely willing, he said, “I’m absolutely happy, I have nothing to say against it, but my wife will not agree. She thinks with your long hippie-like hair, with your poetic style of life, with your unisex dress, she thinks you look effeminate.”

Mulla brooded over it and he said, “She is right - in comparison to her.”

Everything is comparative. The good man is good in comparison to the bad, but in comparison to the religious man, he is just like the bad man. The sannyasin is good in comparison to the religious man, but how to compare him with the skridagamin? - and so on and so forth.

The more you travel on the inner path, the more higher peaks become available to you. Never rest content unless you have reached to the very last, the uttermost. And the uttermost is beyondness - where nothing exists or only pure existence remains.

That purity is the goal and in that purity you become one. Until that purity is achieved, somehow duality goes on - first in a gross way, then in a subtle way, then in a very, very subtle way. First in the conscious, then in the unconscious, but it goes on; then even in the superconscious it persists - it goes on making shadows.

So remember it, the goal is to disappear completely. The goal is to transcend all duality, all definition. The goal is to become one with the whole.

Enough for today.