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Chapter 11: Utopia Is Just around the Corner

The people who love Zorba will never think of Buddha; they remain with only the animal part of humanity. Zorba is beautiful, as beautiful as any animal - a beautiful bear, a beautiful lion. Zorba has the same beauty, the same intensity, the same power, and the same earthliness. I appreciate it.but that is not the end.

All that power, all that beauty should go through a transformation to create a far more delicate beauty, a far more delicate power, the power of love; a far deeper insight, the insight into existence itself; a far greater love, love that becomes compassion, compassion for the whole existence.

Zorba is beautiful, but only as a seed. He will attain to his full beauty when the seed becomes a tree and blossoms.

I went to Nepal first because that is where the flowers blossomed. And I have come to Crete second.where the roots are. There is a certain logic behind it. I love both, because to me they are one. And I don’t love them separately, because then they are half, and just the half is ugly.

Only the whole is holy.

Only the whole has the beauty of organic unity.

Zorba is only a dream.

Buddha is the realization of the dream.

The land of Zorba and the land of Buddha should come into deeper contact. I made this journey to create a bridge, but I see strange bishops here who are protesting against me. I have not come to stay here; Zorba is my past, Buddha is my present.I could have stayed in Nepal, but I cannot stay here, so they need not be afraid. But I never thought that in the land of Zorba there would be such cowardly bishops dominating people, telling lies to them - provoking them against a guest who is going to be here only for a few days, and who has come just to pay tribute to Zorba, not to these stupid bishops.

I don’t care what they are saying because I have no desire to be here. I can leave tomorrow. I have paid my visit, I have paid my tribute, and those who can understand will have understood. Those who want to remain blind, that is their choice. Instead of coming to me, those bishops are asking the government that I should not be allowed to stay here.

They should have come to me - a man coming from the land of Buddha - they should have made some communication with me. They should have inquired what relatedness I see between Zorba and Buddha.

I have enhanced the beauty and honor of Zorba, and with the respect and honor of Zorba I have made his land also respectable.

These people should learn to behave a little more humanly - particularly to a guest who is just going to be here for a few days. I just wanted to see the place which can produce people like Zorba.

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