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Chapter 7: Love Is Not Surrender

Unless you become enlightened and you know the oneness of love and hate, you transcend to a new vision of existence where things are one, your ordinary love disappears, your ordinary hate disappears.. Gautam Buddha has called that state compassion.

And his second question was for me: “I ask you, do you still love Sheela?”

I said, “There is no problem. My love is not of the category of love and hate, my love is of the category of compassion.”

Compassion does not depend on the person, the object. Compassion is unconditional. Love is not. Love is so conditional that it is bound to turn into hate sooner or later, because nobody can fulfill anybody else’s conditions. That is an impossibility.

Each individual is so unique.. How can you fulfill all the conditions that your husband is imposing on you, or your wife is imposing on you? Soon the honeymoon is over, and you are standing like enemies - of course, intimate enemies living together in a kind of coexistence; once in a while making love, once in a while throwing pillows and things at each other.. And this game of love and hate goes on all around the earth, twenty-four hours. Millions of couples go on doing it.

Have you observed it? Whenever you fight with your wife and she screams and throws pillows, and you scream and the whole drama.strangely enough, it ends in making love. There must be a deep relationship between both. They are not separate things.

My compassion does not depend on you. That’s why I don’t impose anything on you.

I don’t convert anybody. The word missionary to me is a four-letter word. It is something disgusting. It is interfering into the other person’s being.

The sannyasins who have come to me, have come out of their own freedom, and their freedom has not been tampered with in any way by me. And they are free at any moment to love. They are free to fall in love; they are free to fall in hate. My compassion remains in its place. Whether you love me or you hate me does not make any difference.

He asked me, “If Sheela and her gang come back would you accept them?”

I said, “Certainly, I will welcome them.”

He was puzzled. A German mind is easily puzzled. A German mind is not flexible, it is made more of steel than of human fibers.

He said, “You will welcome her?”

I said, “Certainly.”

He said, “But she has committed crimes! What are you going to do with her crimes?”

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