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Chapter 9: Mind Immaculate in Its Very Being

Saraha says: Sir, you have come to help me. You think you are compassionate towards me. Certainly your whole kingdom will think that way, that the king has gone to the cremation ground: how much is his compassion for Saraha! You think you have come because of compassion? You make me laugh! In fact it is I who am feeling compassion for you, not otherwise. It is I who am feeling sorry for you. You are a fool!

Into a raging fire he walks with open eyes.

Your eyes appear to be open, but they are not open. You are blind! You don’t know what you are doing.living in the world, do you think you are enjoying? You are just in a raging fire.

Exactly that happened when Buddha left his palace and left the boundaries of his kingdom, and told his driver, “Now you go back. I am going into the jungle; I have renounced.”

The old driver said, “Sir, I am old enough, I am more aged than your father; listen to my advice. You are doing something utterly foolish! Leaving this beautiful kingdom, this palace, a beautiful wife, all the luxuries for which each human being hankers - where are you going and for what?”

Buddha looked back at that marble palace and he said, “I see there only fire and nothing else, a raging fire. The whole world is burning with fire. And I am not renouncing it because there is nothing to renounce in it. I am trying just to escape from the fire. No, I don’t see any palace and I don’t see any joy there.”

Saraha says to the king:

Into a raging fire he walks with open eyes -
Who could be more deserving of compassion?

You think, sir, you have come because of compassion to help me? No, the situation is just the reverse: I feel compassion for you. You are living in a raging fire. Beware! Be alert! Be awake! And get out of it as soon as possible, because all that is beautiful, all that is truthful, all that is good, is known and experienced only through the no-mind.

Tantra is a process of creating no-mind in you.

No-mind is the door of nirvana.

Enough for today.