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Chapter 26: The Enlightened and the Endarkened

The frog in the well looked with suspicion. He said, “Ocean? Never heard about such a thing! How big is your ocean?”

The frog from the ocean said, “It is very difficult to describe.”

The frog from the well laughed; he said, “Ha ha! I knew it, I knew it from the very beginning: how can you describe a thing which does not exist? If a thing exists it can be described. It is simple; if it exists, then howsoever difficult the description will be, you cannot say that it cannot be described. It is not indescribable; it must have some attributes.”

The frog from the ocean is at a loss. The frog from the ocean is always at a loss because he has known something which this poor frog has never dreamt of. But the poor frog thinks the frog from the ocean crazy. He says, “I will help you. I will take a jump, and I will ask you, ‘Is your ocean this big?’ If not, I will take another jump: ‘Is your ocean this big - two jumps of mine?’“

He jumped one fourth of the well. The frog from the ocean said, “Forgive me - this kind of measurement cannot be applicable.” But the frog from the well jumped a second time, a third time, a fourth time - that was the whole area of the well. And then the stranger said again, “Excuse me, your well is too small - and the ocean is so vast. Your well cannot be used as a measurement.”

“The well so small?” - the frog from the well was really offended, just the way the Oregonians are offended. Their religion so small? Their Jesus Christ so small? Their churches meaningless? Their Bible nothing but superstitions?

But he felt compassionate. Strange is the story - that the well’s frog felt compassionate towards the frog from the ocean. He said, “You must be mad, you must have dreamt it. Once in a while I also dream of bigger things; but there exists nothing bigger than this well. And don’t try to seduce me - I am not such a fool as to go in search of utopias. You just get lost! I don’t want to hear more of this nonsense. There has never been anything bigger than this well. Since my very birth I have seen.. My father was here; my forefathers have lived here, and they have all told us that this is all the world is. There is no world outside this well.”

But the frog from the well can be understood; and the frog from the ocean also can be understood - he is also very much embarrassed. He cannot answer; he can only show. He invites the frog from the well, but he refuses. He says, “Unless you convince me that something as vast as you are talking about exists in reality, unless I am intellectually convinced of it, I cannot leave my beautiful well.”

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