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Chapter 21: I Have Come Again - the Storm Has Persuaded Me

When I see you in silence, in peace - and also in laughter which comes out of silence and peace, not out of hysteria.Yesterday I had to leave because a few of you behaved so unconsciously that they needed to be made alert, that this is not a gathering where you can remain unconscious. The whole purpose here is to become more alert, more conscious. If the storm has come, nothing is wrong in it. You should have listened to it and its song, and you should have rejoiced in the falling leaves. You should have learned something of tremendous importance.

But rather than learning anything a few of you behaved in a very stupid way. I had to hit you hard, knowing perfectly well that it will bring many tears to you and your hearts will be crying and weeping. But it can be of great value to understand that it is absolutely wrong to take my presence for granted. Then it becomes a routine, and you forget completely that one day I will be gone.

Before I go I would like to see you all blossom in mystical roses, releasing your fragrance.

Laughter is beautiful when it comes out of understanding, out of innocence. But when it is hysterical it is insane and stupid.

I was not angry, I cannot be angry. I was simply sad to see that a few people are still here whom I continue to call my people, but they are not yet alert enough to be given that much dignity. There is no question of forgiving you, because I have not been angry. It is just that I have been feeling that perhaps my love has not reached a few people.

I allow you more laughter than has ever been allowed; I have loved you as no master has ever loved his disciples. Gautam Buddha would not have loved you at all. Yes, he was compassionate, but being compassionate is not the same as loving. Compassion is dry, compassion is a distance; one is higher and one is very far down in the darkness.

I am not compassionate to you; I authentically love you. My love is not dry; it is not in any way a feeling of superiority, of taking your dignity and reducing you to inferiority. I give you so much honor, as has never been given by any master to any disciple.

Because to me, being a master or being a disciple is just a fiction. The difference is very small: whatever I am, I know; and whatever you are, you do not know. Only this much difference does not make somebody superior and somebody inferior. You are exactly the same universal soul which any Gautam Buddha or Zarathustra or Bodhidharma has experienced. It is within your reach any moment to enter into the ultimate, into the very roots of your being, and all differences between the disciple and the master disappear.

The whole function of the master is very strange. He is destroying his mastership continuously, as he is making you more and more aware. The day you become fully aware - and I will be able to rejoice in seeing my garden full of roses - there will not be any difference between my heart and your heart. We are all part of one universal heartbeat. And in every possible way - even impossible way - I am trying to bring that synchronicity between you and the universal which is your real and original face.

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