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Chapter 29: History Repeats Itself, Unfortunately

The poor were happy to hear that they were blessed. They felt proud of being poor. Why should they inquire: “What qualifications do we have which make us blessed?” They were afraid themselves; if Jesus could not prove his statement then all their hope was lost. So the poor would not ask. And the rich people never came to listen to him, they never bothered about him; he was nobody, a nonentity. The poor were happy that they were blessed and the rich were cursed.

So it is only a question of waiting a few years, not even a few lives. In the Eastern religions you will have to wait thousands of lives. In Christianity one life is all, so it is only a question of a few years. You have already passed so many; you will pass others also and then will come the day of compensation, which Jesus calls the day of judgment. It is really the day of compensation.

The poor will enter heaven and the rich will be thrown into the depths of hell. I call it the day of compensation. The rich have enjoyed enough, now it is time for them to suffer.

It is strange why enjoyment.is it a sin? - that you have to suffer for it? Is suffering a virtue? - that you will be blessed because you suffered? Then the natural conclusion is: suffer more, be miserable more. The more miserable, the more anguish, the more you will be blessed.

In fact I sometimes have been thinking that there are so many poor people, who will be first in the queue? It is going to be almost impossible to decide who is the poorest. Ethiopians I think are going to defeat everybody. Americans are going to hell without question; they need not wait for the judgment day - I give the judgment. They are bound towards hell. Ethiopians are really blessed.according to Christianity.

These religions are just exploiting people, giving them dreams and hopes. And because you give them dreams and hopes you become messiahs, prophets. You gain out of it. You give them empty dreams - and they make you great leaders of humanity.

The law is: when a country is poor, its religion is false. Its real need is material. A poor country needs science and technology. So whatever is said on the surface is one thing, but a poor country goes on trying to become rich. In India you can see that.

People from all over the world were coming to me, but the number of Indians coming was very small. Once in a while an Indian was puzzled, and he would ask me, “What is happening? People from all over the world are coming to you, and Indians.?”

I would say, “Once in a while they also come, but their needs are different. They come here to get some financial help from me or from my followers; some recommendations because they want to go for studies to England, to America, to Germany. They want to become engineers, doctors, professors. They were not coming to me for meditation.”

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