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Chapter 1: Here It Is.

And my father will say, “So what? So let him fail! Few students are bound to fail; the whole system is such all cannot pass, so somebody is bound to fail. So what if he is one of those who fail? And I don’t know in what class he studies, so whether he fails or passes I will never know.”

He never looked at my certificates. Whenever I will bring he will say, “You just sign yourself, you can manage well!” So I will sign it for him.

When in the university I topped the list and when I got the gold medal, he looked a little angry. He said, “This is not good, because to you it doesn’t matter - I know you - but to somebody else the gold medal would have been something very valuable!”

I loved him for these qualities. These are the qualities which should be given to each child: non-competitiveness, non-ambitiousness.

When I came from the university back home, he never asked me, “What you want to do now?” The whole village was asking, “Now what you are going to do? Are you going to become a collector? Are you going to become a professor, or this and that, because you have topped the list? You can get any service, whatsoever you want.” He never asked anything about it.

When I became the professor in a university he asked me, “Why bother going to the university? Why can’t you be just a teacher in the primary school? It is just in front of us!”

When I left the university, everybody, whosoever knew me, came to tell me, “Don’t resign such a beautiful post. And you have great possibilities - sooner or later you will be the vice-chancellor of the university. You wait!” He was the only person who was happy, who said, “Good! Don’t be worried. If you need some money or some trouble is there, you tell me. I am still alive, I can support you. If you don’t want to work, don’t work; or if you want to do some small thing you can do some small thing. If you want to become a potter, become a potter. Or if you want to become a weaver, become a weaver. If you want to spin, I have got a beautiful spinning wheel; I will give it to you. And if you don’t want to do anything, don’t be worried - I can manage, I am still working. While I am alive you need not worry.”

He was the only person.Even my enemies told me that, “This is not right - you should take your resignation back.” Even the Education Minister called me personally and asked me to take the resignation back. “You may have given in some moment and you may repent later on.”

One day he saw my certificates. He said, “You have left the university, you have dropped the service - why not burn these certificates?” He was the one who suggested me the idea and I burned them immediately. I said, “That’s perfectly good!..”