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Chapter 5: Be Ready

All your opponents will be almost knocked out by then.

Just tell your people, “Be ready.”

What will you do when you get there?

I cannot say that now because I don’t know myself. When I go there and I see the situation and I feel the atmosphere, then whatsoever happens in me as a response. I never prepare myself for anything. I am not an actor - no rehearsal, I simply start the drama without knowing what is going to happen. We will see it. And up to now everything has gone well.

I have been told that one of the reasons you live in Oregon is because the weather suits you, because of your medical condition.


The weather in Western Australia is almost the same as Oregon.

That’s great! It may become my permanent residence.

That’s not going to be good news for your opponents.

Certainly not, but wherever I am the situation is the same. I will find my friends, I will find my enemies. Both belong to me; in fact they are two polarities, complementaries. There is nothing wrong in it.

You said just a little while ago that you are not an actor. But a lot of people might class you as one of the great comedians of this world.

I am.

Where does the talent come from?

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