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Chapter 8: Forget Trying to Get It!

And if the American trend has to be followed - where everything has to be used once and thrown away - the ultimate consequence is coming closer: use the woman once and throw away. They are already doing it in a way..

In America, three years is the limit for everything. People change their jobs every three years, they change their cities every three years, they change their wives every three years. But those three years will get smaller and smaller - perhaps even by the time the honeymoon ends, everything has ended. Most probably it has ended. But people go on pretending that it is still continuing, because they have given so many promises, so many words to keep that now it looks very awkward to go against their own promises.

But a woman loves in a different way. Her love has some quality of spirituality. Man’s love is only physiological, biological. You may not have found a single joke in any language of the world from women against men. It is below her prestige. All jokes are from men against the woman, because for him woman is not a spiritual being at all.

In China for thousands of years the woman was accepted by law as a commodity that a man possesses. He can bargain, he can stake her in gambling, he can sell her, he can even kill her - the court was not concerned. If you kill your chair you will not be arrested.the woman was not more than that. And the whole past has been so ugly that man has not even asked forgiveness for it.

Women have been treated like cattle. But the woman has not, in spite of all this ugliness that has been done to her, changed at all. She still loves.and her love has a purity and a beauty and a grace. Man’s love is ugly, animalistic; it is not more than a sneeze - he is just relieving himself. But the woman is not relieving; she is living it with its totality. It is a prayer to her, as sacred as any prayer can be.

These are the differences that have to be bridged. At least for my people I want these differences to be bridged. Just as we don’t discriminate between religions, we don’t discriminate between nations, we don’t discriminate between races, the final discrimination that has to be dropped is between men and women. They both are beautiful. If they become a little more alert, they are in fact two complementaries of one whole: man is half, just as the woman is half.

My effort, in spite of the whole world’s condemnation of me, is to bring man and woman to a space where they can accept each other as their other part, as their other pole. I don’t care about the condemnation of the world; it simply brings giggles to me. Who cares about idiots condemning you? - they are not even worth any reply. But even if a small section of society starts respecting each other, there will be a tremendous revolution.

My own understanding is that as your love deepens, your sex disappears - because love is so fulfilling, what is the need of this bullock-cart sex? It is out of date..

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