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Chapter 2: Innocence Is a Light unto Itself

I have questions, but they are never complete, and I don’t know how to ask.

No question is ever complete, because the completion of a question will mean it has its answer in itself. A question by its very nature is incomplete. It is a desire, a longing, an inquiry, because something needs to be completed. It is part of human consciousness that it demands completion. Leave anything incomplete and it becomes an obsession; complete it and you are free of it. Completion brings freedom.

Hence, it is not only your questions that are incomplete. You are more alert so that you have seen the incompleteness of each question.

Secondly, you don’t know what to ask. Nobody knows. All of our questions are out of our ignorance, out of our unconscious, out of our dark soul. Nobody knows exactly what his question is, what is essential to be asked - because the moment you know what your question is, you will immediately find the answer within yourself.

To be absolutely confident about the question means the answer is not very far away. It is very close, because confidence comes from the answer, not from the question.

But still, man has to ask. Although all questions are incomplete and you do not know what to ask, still man has to ask, because man cannot remain silent. It is possible not to ask - that does not mean you don’t have questions, that simply means you are not bringing them out. Perhaps you are afraid to be exposed, because each question will indicate your ignorance.

There are millions of people who never ask, for the simple reason that to be silent at least appears to be wise. To ask the question is to show your wounds, is to show all the dark spots in your being. It needs courage.

Secondly, there are questions which are not out of your ignorance but out of your borrowed knowledge - which are the worst questions possible.

A question that comes out of ignorance is innocent, has purity. It is unpolluted, uncorrupted; it shows your courage, your trust.

But there are questions which come out of your borrowed knowledge. You have heard much, you have read much, you have been informed by the parents, teachers, priests, politicians, all kinds of demagogues, all kinds of pretenders to knowledge - and you have been collecting their whole garbage.

Purna has sent me a beautiful present: a very artistic, beautiful wastepaper basket with a note: “Osho, if you feel my questions are just garbage, throw them in this wastepaper basket. You need not answer them.”

Questions coming out of knowledge are garbage.

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