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Chapter 8: You’re Not Plugged In

Nandan, you are here not as a separate ego, but as part of one phenomenon. So when anything starts happening it is bound to happen to many simultaneously. It will have a chain effect. It does not happen in the world, because people are not in any way deeply connected with each other. There is no communion. There are communities, but there is no communion.

And this is a commune. The whole purpose of your being here is to melt and merge with all who are present here. There is no friend, no enemy. All are in love with me. Their sole purpose is exactly what the other day somebody has said: Our whole purpose here is one, we all love you. It is a loving commune where you are all equal, where you are no longer competitive, where there is no struggle of any kind going on, just a tremendous music and a silence drowning you all into oneness, without your even knowing it. You are slipping deeper into a whole.

This wholeness brings a new health and a new joy and a new kind of love. Sex is a very primitive thing. It is an animal heritage. Nothing is wrong in it, it is just very old. And as you grow more and more mature, you start searching for something new and greater, something better and higher, something superior. Sex seems to be something below you - a little childish, a little immature.

It is good. There is a time when you can fool around. And while you are meditating your maturity comes sooner, your centering comes sooner, your awareness about things becomes clearer every day. And sex is going to be the first victim of your awareness - then other things will follow - because sex is the very root of your animality.

Once sex drops off, as if a tree has lost its roots, then branches cannot remain green any longer. Then the flowers cannot remain alive any longer. The tree, in fact, has died with the roots. A few days perhaps, it may manage to remain standing. A few days the leaves will remain green and a few days, perhaps, the flowers will remain apparently alive. But basically the tree is dead the moment the roots are cut.

Your anger, your jealousy, your violence, your inferiority complex, your superiority complex, all kinds of your neuroses, psychoses are just branches. They will start dying by themselves. Once you have gone beyond sex without fighting with it..

And that’s my basic difference with all religions. They have been trying to drop sex. I am not telling you to drop it. I am telling you to be more mature, to be more meditative. And while you are not mature, sex is perfectly right. Nothing is wrong in it, there is no condemnation. Be playful and rejoice in it.

Here, for the first time, a totally original experiment is going on. Sex is accepted with deep respect: it is our heritage; we are born out of it; it is in our every fiber and every cell. To condemn it is to condemn oneself.

Trying to drop it means only to repress it into the unconscious. And then things become more and more complex and perverted. Once you start repressing sex into your unconscious.There is no other place in you - whatever you repress goes into the unconscious.

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