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Chapter 18: The Mind Goes Out of Employment

Once they are outside, he starts to scold. “How could you?” he cries, “Making such a noise in the church.!”

“Well,” replies little Ernie looking quite excited, “I have been praying for a long time that God would teach me to whistle, and this morning he did.”

Just look at life with more playful eyes. Don’t be serious. Seriousness becomes like a blindness. Don’t pretend to be a thinker, a philosopher. Just simply be a human being. The whole world is showering its joy on you in so many ways, but you are too serious, you cannot open your heart.

Mendel Kravitz, the American from New York, goes to Japan on a business trip and meets a lovely young Japanese woman. She cannot speak much English and he does not know Japanese.

After dinner together they go back to her apartment and Mendel starts to make passionate love to her. All the time the beautiful Japanese girl is yelling, “Titti gochi, titti gochi, ah titti gochi.”

Mendel thinks that she must never have had such a great lover as himself.

The next day Mendel and a Japanese businessman are playing golf. Halfway through the game, the Japanese man hits a hole in one. Not knowing any Japanese, but delighted for his friend, Mendel wants to show his excitement and cries out, “Ah, titti gochi!”

The Japanese businessman spins around and looking amazed asks, “What do you mean by wrong hole?”

Young Fergin Finkelstein has just graduated from law school and is applying for a job at a large corporation. The personnel manager looks him in the eye and says, “Mr. Finkelstein, are you an honest attorney?”

“Honest?” says young Fink. “Let me tell you something. My father lent me ten thousand dollars for my college education and I paid him back in full after my very first case.”

“I am impressed,” says the manager. “And what was the case?”

Young Fink turns red and says, “My father sued me for the money.”

As far as I am concerned I don’t see any complexity anywhere. All complexities are man-made. Simplicity is divine. It is not manufactured; it is simply here. You just have to open your eyes, your sensitivity, receptivity, and allow it to touch your heart, to enter into your being.

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