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Chapter 33: You Are My Fellow Travellers

You are fortunate that you have remained. All the sannyasins around the earth are fortunate, because what they have listened to before was not the truth. I tried hard to put the truth.I interpreted those people, who were just crackpots - but it was compulsory. In this vast world, it is very difficult to find your own people. They are already belonging to some group, some theology, some religion. They have their own church, their own mosque, their own temple, and they have great investments there. They are hoping to attain paradise; they are afraid of falling into hell.

We are not interested in heaven and hell or God. There is no need to go to hell to experience it - you can just go driving on the county road and you will know what kind of roads exist in hell. You need not travel long to heaven - you can be just here, dancing, singing, rejoicing, and you know heaven has come to you.

I emphasize the fact that nobody ever goes to heaven or hell. It is just vice versa: Hell comes to you, heaven comes to you. It is your doing, it is your heart that attracts it.

Hell is your misery, your suffering.

Heaven is your rejoicing.

I have also received another letter, one from a Zen master who wants to come and see me. And you will see the difference between a Christian, Mohammedan, Hindu, and a Zen monk.

The Zen monks have emphasized that they do not belong to Buddhism. In fact, Zen is a revolt against Buddhism. Buddha would not approve of these people, they are too human. They are so simple: chopping wood, drawing water from the well - you cannot conceive Buddha doing that.

This Zen master gives you a totally different vision. He is happy that I am here. He is immensely rejoiced that somebody is here who can even prevent the third world war. He just wants to sit by my side, to feel the vibe. He also knows what I am saying. He is also reading my books and he had read my old books too. But now he has decided that the time has come, that he should come here, because now I am speaking on my own authority. Now it is worth being close to a man who is not a commentator, but is an enlightened soul.

He says in his letter that Buddha had declared that he would be coming again after five thousand years. Twenty-five centuries have passed. The Zen monk declares, “We are exactly in the middle: twenty-five centuries back there was a Buddha, and perhaps twenty-five centuries ahead there will be a Buddha. And you seem to be the bridge, just exactly in the middle - twenty-five centuries.” He says he has not seen Buddha, but he would like to meet me, to have some taste of buddhahood, awakenedness.

This man has a totally different approach. He is a man of understanding, meditation. If he ever wants to burn, he will burn the old books and save the new ones, because the old books were commentaries, which I had to make under compulsion. Now it is no longer a commentary, I am telling you my experience. If Jesus or Buddha or Zarathustra agrees with me, good; if they don’t agree, they can go to hell.

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