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Chapter 4: Be a Light unto Yourself

The word sin is beautiful. It has been badly corrupted by Christianity. It has nothing to do with guilt, nothing to do with something bad, evil. It has nothing to do with morality, but it has something to do with consciousness. It has nothing to do with conscience but with consciousness. If you are here, be consciously and totally here. Your unconscious heart has brought you here. Groping in the dark you have come to me, now don’t miss this opportunity. Either be totally here or go away. Turn your back against me and never remember me again, because going away, if you remember me then you will not be totally there - wherever you are going. Wherever you are, be totally there. That’s the only way to open the secrets and mysteries of life.

And don’t be worried about whether you are interested in the concept of God or not. In fact, people who are too interested in the concept of God will not be able to know godliness.

I have come across a very beautiful book, written somewhere in the Middle Ages by a certain man known as Dionysius Exegius. His book is Theologica Mystica. He says in that book that the highest knowledge of God is through what he calls in Greek agnostos, which means unknowing. You must have heard the word agnostic; it comes from the same root, agnostos. Agnostos means unknowing. And this Dionysius says that God is known only by unknowing. No need to be worried about the concept; no need to accumulate knowledge, theories, doctrines about God. Forget all about the word and the theory. Simply be interested in your happiness, in your bliss, and one day you will find godliness has entered in you. It is another name for ultimate bliss.

The last question:

I have this idea that you don’t really exist. When we think that there is someone who lives in your house and who makes things happen to us, it is not really you at all. Could you tell us what this is and by the way, who is giving the discourse every morning?

I don’t know.

Enough for today.