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Chapter 6: Religion: The Last Luxury

So these are the causes. But to me they are all good signs because through them we can create a new world and a new human mind can be born. The hippie slogan is good: “Make love not war.” It is good! After 1984 either there is going to be no world, or an absolutely different world. And I hope for the latter.

Why are most meditation methods not more fruitful in helping people?

There are many meditation methods and each method is meaningful to a particular type of mind. Then, too, there are certain methods that are meaningful in a particular age.

All of our traditional methods are basically silent ones. My method of Dynamic Meditation ends in silence but begins in catharsis because in our age our minds need a deep catharsis first; only then can they become silent.

This method is needed only because the modern mind - whether Christian or non-Christian, Hindu or non-Hindu - is a byproduct of a very suppressive attitude toward desires, thoughts, instincts.everything. We have lived for centuries with a very repressive attitude toward life. That repression has to be thrown out first, only then can you enter your center.

So my method is new in a way - not in its results but only in the methodology. First you must throw your madness out; only then can you enter the inner.

What is your concept of sannyas?

My concept of sannyas is totally different or, rather, totally contrary to the old concept of sannyas. The old concept of sannyas is one of withdrawing oneself from the world. My concept is that of just taking an inner attitude without any outward withdrawal. You remain in the world, you go on working as you were working, but now you are not serious about it. Now it is just an act. You are in the middle of a drama, that’s all.

There is no need to withdraw - I discourage any withdrawal because if you are not seriously involved in the world, you can be in it and above it.

So be in the world but do not allow the world to be in you. That is sannyas.