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Chapter 2: Living in Insecurity

So a positive attitude toward sannyas means an altogether different dimension. You can be where you are, you can go on doing whatsoever you are doing - no outward change is immediately asked for. Of course there will be changes, but they will come. When they come, let them come, but do not try, do not make any effort, do not force them to come. And I see more possibility for a positive sannyas, for a positive renunciation, in the world that is coming.

The negative concept of denying oneself everything was possible for many reasons. One was the very structure of society. All agricultural societies can allow some people to be completely without work, but the more society is industrialized, the less will be the possibility. Joint families could allow it, but the more individual the family, the less will be the possibility. Loose economic structures could allow it, but the more planned the economy, the less will be the possibility. Those who were sadhus and monks will now seem to be exploiters. Now they will not be respected. Now they cannot exist. And as I see it, everyone must do whatsoever he can do - must contribute to the society in which he exists. One should not remain an exploiter: one should not be, and the religious person cannot be. And if even a religious person can exploit, then whom can we expect not to exploit?

To me, sannyasins will not be exploiters: they will earn their living. They will be producers, not only consumers. So also a productive conception.it goes with the positive. The old conception of non-productive monks was well-adjusted with the negative attitude. This positive attitude will also have more implications: for example, the old conception denied many things. It denied a family, it denied sex, denied love. It denied everything that can contribute to society, society’s happiness. That which can contribute to your own happiness, I will not deny.

That does not mean that I allow. When I say I will not deny, it only means a moment can come when a person becomes absolutely transcendental to sex. That is another thing: that is not a requirement but a consequence. It is not needed before sannyas, it will come after sannyas. And I will not make it a guilt if it does not come. The old concept is very cruel. It was both sadistic and masochistic. Sex was denied because sex seemed to give a glimpse of happiness.

So, many religions allowed sex without happiness: you can just use it for reproduction, but you should not have any happiness out of it. Only then it is not sin. So sex is not really sin, but you should not be happy: to be happy is a sin. To me, everything that is given to human beings is not to be denied, it is not to be suppressed. Let the inner flowering come first - then you will see that so many energy channels have changed their course. And the difference will be great.

If you deny sex then you will have to deny love also. If you deny sex then you will have to deny love also - the old sannyasins became loveless. They talked about love but they were loveless. They talked about universal love. It is always easier to talk about universal love than to love a single individual - that is more arduous. To love the whole universe is so easy, nothing is involved. And one who thinks in terms of denial, will talk of universal love and will go on denying and uprooting individual feelings.

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