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Chapter 11: Hare Krishna, Hare Rama!

And then there is an artistic attitude: a person who is not concerned with reality as truth but reality as feeling; not concerned with the realization of reality but concerned with the expression of it. It is a participatory attitude toward the real, but emotional - a feeling attitude.

And then there is the religious mind - very different, quite different from the scientific mind, because it is not analytical; it synthesizes.

When you say “The Vedas,” you become analytical; you have begun to divide religion. Religion is an attitude of synthesis. If you say that The Vedas is all that has been known, then there is no need to mention “the Vedic religion.” Then Christ is a Vedic person, then Mohammed is, then Confucius is, then I am and you are. But no, that is not the point. When you say “Vedic” you have confined yourself to a particular scripture. The moment you mention a name, you have become sectarian. And the sectarian mind is so small that it can never be religious.

A religious mind must be limitless, untethered to anything, not clinging to anything, not confined to anything.

And when I say “a religious mind,” taken as an attitude it means a subjective search for reality, a subjective experimentation with reality, an approach, a seeking - not about the “without” of things but about the “within” of things. And that seeking is subjective, inner. You become concerned with the ultimate, concerned for the ultimate, but you go to it as an individual, not as a member of a sect. You cannot, because the moment you become a member of a particular sect, your mind is burdened with these conceptions, authorities, scriptures. Then you are not fresh, then you are not naked, then you are not innocent. Your mind has become calculating. Now you are not ready to receive truth as it is. Rather, on the contrary, you have your conception of truth to impose on it. Now the truth must come through your scriptures, now the truth must correspond with your conceptions. You are not open.

No, just one moment, I did not say anything about my conceptions. I said I am thinking that the truth should correspond with the scriptural conceptions which are not my conceptions.

The scriptures are not religious. There is no religious scripture at all. Scriptures cannot be religious.

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