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Chapter 14: The Biggest Lies in the Loudest Voice

Whenever a religion emphasizes belief, it is against wisdom, it is against enlightenment. It does not want you to become high peaks of consciousness and freedom. It simply wants you to become just a sheep.and the shepherd, Jesus Christ, will take care of you. It takes away your responsibility, and you think, “This is very good. We are unburdened”. But with your responsibility, your freedom automatically disappears. A Christian is the poorest religious person in the world.

Before me there was Ramateertha, but he praised Christianity just as Vivekananda did. These are not authentically enlightened people; their whole interest is in how to get more admirers. And it is very easy to get admirers in a Christian country if you admire Christianity. If you admire Mohammedanism in a Mohammedan country, you will have thousands of admirers. It is a very mutual conspiracy: they fulfill your ego, you fulfill their egos.

I am a simple person and I simply say whatever is the truth. Whether it hurts you, shocks you, does not matter. To me truth is what matters - and certainly only the very cultured cream of the society has been attracted towards me. I cannot attract the beggars, I cannot attract the orphans, and I cannot attract the aboriginals, because they will not even be able to understand what I am saying. Everybody is not capable of understanding the music of Mozart or Wagner. You will need very trained ears to understand those great masters.

And as far as spirituality is concerned, it is the highest point of intelligence. Unless you have that intelligence you are bound to misunderstand. Authentic religion is only for very few people, because it requires a tremendous preparation beforehand.

The American Christians were tremendously puzzled how to protect, to prevent their educated and cultured people, from moving towards me, because that will ultimately become a movement where even less cultured people will start following the more cultured. That is human nature. When people see that all the geniuses, scientists, engineers, doctors, surgeons are moving towards a certain magnetic force, a certain charisma, the others - without even understanding - also start following. That was the danger.

And the politician was also in difficulty. His difficulty was that I had created a commune of five thousand people according to my ideas, which go essentially against a Christian society, or a Hindu society, or a Mohammedan society. I am against any organized religion because to me truth can never be organized. It is an individual affair, just between one individual and the cosmos.

This was appealing to all those who had the intelligence. The commune became an alternative society in the eyes of the politicians. They could see the great success of the commune - it was the highest quality of communism - and they could not believe that five thousand people are living there, and there is no murder, no theft, no rape. Women could move alone in the middle of the night without any fear. And because my concepts about marriage, about family, about education, are absolutely against the traditional concepts, their fear was: “If this commune goes on succeeding, more communes will arise.” And I am absolutely anti-political. Deep down I am an anarchist. My ultimate goal finally is that there should be a humanity without any government.

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