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Chapter 55: Only the Unreal Dissolves

You cannot say from the head that it is beautiful. How can you say? Beauty is not mathematics, it is not measurable. And beauty is not really just in the rose, because to someone else it may not be beautiful at all; and someone else may just pass without looking at it; and to someone else it may even be ugly. The beauty doesn’t exist simply in the rose; the beauty exists in a meeting of the heart with the rose. When the heart meets with the rose, beauty flowers. When the heart comes in deep contact with anything it is a great phenomenon.

If you come in deep contact with any person, the person becomes beautiful. The deeper the contact, the more beauty is revealed. But beauty is a phenomenon that happens to the heart, not to the mind. It is not a calculation, and there is no criterion by which to judge it. It is a feeling.

So if I say, “This rose is not beautiful,” you cannot argue about it. There is no need to argue. You will say, “That is your feeling. And the rose is beautiful - this is my feeling.” There is no question of argument. Heads can argue. Hearts cannot argue. It is finished, it is a full stop. If I say, “This is my feeling,” then there is no question of argument.

With the head, argument can continue and we can come to a conclusion. With the heart, the conclusion has already happened. With the heart, there is no procedure towards the conclusion; the conclusion is immediate, instantaneous. With the head, it is a process - you argue, you discuss, you analyze, and then you come to a conclusion about whether this is so or not. With the heart, it is an immediate phenomenon - the conclusion comes first. Look at it: with the head, conclusion comes in the end. With the heart, conclusion comes first, and then you can proceed to find the process - but that is the work of the head.

So when such techniques have to be practiced, the first difficulty will be that you don’t know what feeling is. Try to develop it. When you touch something, close your eyes; don’t think, feel. For example, if I take your hand in my hand and I say to you, “Close your eyes and feel what is happening,” immediately you will say, “Your hand is in my hand.” But this is not a feeling, this is a thinking.

Then I again say to you, “Feel. Don’t think.” Then you say, “You are expressing your love.” That too is again thinking. If I insist again, “Just feel, don’t use your head. What are you feeling right now?” only then will you be able to feel and say, “The warmth.” Because love is a conclusion. “Your hand is in my hand” - this is a head-oriented thought.

The actual feeling is that a certain warmth is flowing from my hand to your hand, or from your hand to my hand. Our life energies are meeting and the point of meeting has become hot, it has become warm. This is the feeling, the sensation, the real. But we go on with the head continuously. That has become a habit; we are trained for it. So you will have to re-open your heart.

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