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Chapter 14: Just by Celebrating

The man who is touching the ear says, “What you are saying is absolute nonsense.”

In India before electricity came, the rich people used to have big fans; two servants would be standing by their side, continuously fanning them. And that kind of fan looks like the ear of the elephant.

So he said, “It is impossible. An elephant is like a fan. And your statement is so far away and farfetched that it is not worth even considering.” But the third has touched some other part, and all five were in a deep philosophical discussion.

This is a five-thousand-year-old story, and it is about philosophers. It is not about the blind men and not about the elephant; it is about philosophers. They are blind, but they make a whole system out of whatsoever they stumble upon in their blindness - which has no relevance to the real whole. But to their own mind it seems to be perfect, and they cannot believe how people are arguing against a perfect system.

All these centuries philosophers have been arguing and coming to no conclusion. They cannot come to any conclusion because their premises are different, and on their premises their whole structure depends. Those five blind men have not yet come to any conclusion; they are still arguing. And they will never come to any conclusion. Generation after generation those five blind people will go to see the elephant and will fight and argue, but no conclusion is possible.

But the enlightened man sees the whole. Before, when he was not enlightened he knew only fragments - he was painting those fragments. Now he paints something that can become an indication to show the whole. Nobody has decided - neither existence nor the person. just the individuality that he has developed before enlightenment becomes the vehicle for existence to paint through.

Somebody has developed the art of composing music; his old music will be nothing compared to what he is doing now, because it was the blind man’s vision. Now he sees the whole reality, and he sees that the whole reality can, in some way, be reflected by his music. Listening to his music you will be transported from your constantly thinking mind to a state of no-mind..

But he is not deciding to remain a poet; neither is existence choosing him to be a poet. He comes with that articulateness. The same is true about a master.

You can see it. You can go to a university and you can see it: there are so many teachers, but some teachers are just there because they could not get any other source of income - because a teacher in the university does not get much. They are not born teachers, it is the circumstances that have forced them to be teachers; otherwise they would have liked to be collectors, police officers, in the army, in the navy, politicians. But they could not manage what they wanted, and this was available.

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