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Chapter 25: Religions, like Diseases, Are Many: Truth, like Health, Is One

The attached bathroom is a modern phenomenon. Even just two hundred years ago in Europe there was no attached bathroom; the outhouses were really outhouses. And when for the first time in America, a hundred years ago, the first attached bathroom was made, there was such an uproar! It was against religion to have a bathroom in the house, a latrine inside the house; this was sin.

It was discussed in the parliament. It was with great difficulty that the Supreme Court decided that if somebody wants it in his house; if he wants a bathroom inside the house it is nobody else’s business. If you don’t want to go to his house, don’t go. But it is his individual freedom.

Within a hundred years we have moved far. The latest design from Scandinavia has a room in a bathroom. I loved the idea. Why an attached bathroom? The bathroom is bigger, the room is inside it. It should be in our commune, the first thing. It is going to make history, and perhaps again there will be trouble in parliament: “These people are now doing too much - putting your room and your study in the bathroom!”

But in Mohanjodro there are attached bathrooms, underground sewer systems, pipelines - not of metal, made of mud - pipelines bringing water into the bathrooms; hot and cold water both available; swimming pools, and at least three-storied buildings.seven thousand years ago.

That culture must have been on earth at least for two, three thousand years; otherwise how can you develop all these things?

All these holy books I have gone through. One thing is unanimously clear in every holy book: it is pseudo, it is not based on authentic experience; it is really a strategy to keep people in ignorance of authentic experience, because if the authentic experience becomes available to people, the whole priesthood loses its glory, its power, its position. And the priesthood is one of the biggest professions in the world, the most respected profession, and perhaps the oldest profession.

People say that prostitutes are the oldest profession. I don’t think so, because without a priest how can there be a prostitute? Who will call her a prostitute? Who will condemn her as a prostitute? A priest is needed before a prostitute. In fact the prostitute is a by-product of the priesthood. The priest has to condemn sex, has to condemn any extramarital relationship, has to condemn premarital relationships. All that is needed to create a prostitute - and then he has to condemn the prostitute.

The priesthood seems to be the oldest exploiting profession, and certainly far worse than prostitution - at least the prostitute offers you something. And I don’t think that she is absolutely useless. Perhaps it is because of the prostitute that most of your marriages are stable; she is saving your marriages.

Wives are not worried if the husband goes to a prostitute because that is only a sexual relationship, there is no problem. He is purchasing a certain commodity, that’s all. But if the husband goes to some woman who is not a prostitute and cannot be purchased, then the wife becomes afraid, then she freaks out. Then there is danger.