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Chapter 15: AIDS: No Ordinary Disease

KGW-TV, Portland, Oregon, United States

I’ve come to ask you a series of questions about AIDS.
We saw your forecast a year and a half a go, when you said that two-thirds of the world’s population would eventually die of the disease. I’m curious where that number came from, and why you believe this is true.

I am not an astrologer or a prophet; it is just simple arithmetic, the way AIDS is spreading and no adequate efforts are being made to prevent it. On the contrary, governments are repressing the information, patients are repressing the information. Governments are making homosexuality illegal - that means they are making it go underground. In Texas alone, one million homosexuals have suddenly become criminals.

Laws have never changed anybody. It is just sheer stupidity - that just by making a law against homosexuality you have done a great preventive act. In fact, you have made it more dangerous. Known, diagnosed, there was a way at least to prevent the disease spreading. Now it will not be known, it will not be diagnosed; it will be underground. Nobody will be ready to go for a test.

And the disease is no ordinary disease. It cannot be cured; there seems to be no possibility to cure it. Secondly, its way of spreading is very strange. Sexual intercourse, of course, is one of the ways, but even if that is prevented, kissing can be enough to spread it. Somebody’s tears are enough to spread it - perhaps any liquid coming out of the body carries the virus. This is the first time a disease is being spread in so many ways.

Nobody is going to say if he has it, because the moment he says it, his own family will condemn him. His wife will leave him, his children will close the doors to him, his parents will deny him. His society will condemn him, his friends will turn into enemies; nobody would like even his shadow to be close by. Naturally, people will suppress it, they will not inform anybody. And that is the most dangerous part of it.

The disease originates in homosexuality, and all the religions are preaching, in disguise, homosexuality, all kinds of sexual perversions, because they are teaching people to remain celibate - which is unnatural, which cannot be supported by medical science. Nobody can be celibate who is not impotent; he has to find some outlet for his sexual energy which goes on accumulating.

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