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Chapter 10: Neither This nor That

How to make you feel guilty? Just condemn natural things and it will start happening. Condemn sex - you will have sexual desires arising and you will feel guilty. Condemn food. Condemn everything that is a natural inclination in you.

The wife-swapping party is raided by the crusading minister, who plans to put an end to these goings-on. When he rings the bell, the man of the house arrives and does not seem a bit embarrassed.

The minister says, “I was told you had a party here tonight.”

“We do,” says the man. “We are playing guessing games right now. The women are blindfolded trying to guess the men’s names by feeling their pricks. You ought to come on in, Reverend, your name has been guessed eight times already!”

The whole priesthood down the ages has proved only one thing: that you cannot fight against nature. Although there is a way to surpass it - but the way does not go against it; it goes through it.

That is my first and most fundamental difference: I affirm life as it is. That does not mean that there is no growth possible beyond life - there is immense possibility of growth - but all growth has to be founded on a deep, passionate love of life. It is only through experiencing life that transcendence happens.

I would like you to go beyond sex, but I don’t condemn sex. Sex is a natural desire, and is good in its own place. But one should not stop with it; it is only a beginning, a glimpse - a glimpse of the beyond. In deep sexual orgasm you become aware for the first time of something which is not of the ego, of something which is not of the mind, of something which is not of time. In deep orgasm, mind, time, all disappear; the whole world stops for a moment. For a moment you are no longer part of the material world; you are just a pure space.

But this is only a glimpse - and at great cost. You should move ahead. You should seek and search for ways and means so that this glimpse becomes your very state. That’s what I call realization, enlightenment. An enlightened person is in a state of orgasmic joy twenty-four hours a day. What the sexual person attains only once in a while, with great effort, waste, the spiritual man attains without any effort and without any waste. The spiritual man simply lives there; on those ultimate peaks is his abode. You only see those peaks from thousands of miles away.

I am not against sex, because sex is the first window into spiritual existence. I am not against food, because I am not against any enjoyment. There are all kinds of experiences that you will come across through enjoying things - food, love, music, dance, nature. It is only through enjoying all these things that you will, slowly, slowly become aware of the invisible.

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