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Chapter 4: The Rebel Is Utterly Innocent

A rebel simply lives his life in the moment, with awareness, with no desire to dominate, either while he is living or when he is dead. He does not have any lust for power.

He is a scientist of the soul - that is the fourth dimension. Just as science uses doubt, skepticism, inquiry, he uses the same methods for his inner search. Science uses them for objective reality, he uses them for his subjectivity. But he does not condemn doubt, he does not condemn skepticism, he does not condemn disobedience, he does not condemn a nonbelieving approach to reality. He enters within his own being with a scientific mind.

His religion is not superstitious - it is scientific. His religion is not a search for God, because to begin with God means you have already accepted a belief, and if you have accepted a belief your search is contaminated from the very beginning.

The rebel goes into his inner world with open eyes, with no idea of what he is looking for. He goes on polishing his intelligence. He goes on making his silences deeper, his meditation more profound, so that whatever is hidden in him is revealed to him; but he has no preconceived idea of what he is looking for.

He is basically an agnostic. That word has to be remembered because it describes one of his basic qualities. There are theists who believe in God, there are atheists who do not believe in God and there are agnostics who simply say, “We do not know yet. We will search, we will see. We cannot say anything before we have looked into every nook and corner of our being.” He begins with, “I do not know.” That’s why I say he is just like a small child - innocent.

Two boys were discussing running away from home. “But if our fathers catch us they will hit us,” said one.

“So,” said the other, “we will hit them back.”

“But we can’t do that,” said the first boy. “The Bible teaches us to honor our father and our mother.”

“Right. Then you hit my father and I will hit yours.”

Just an innocent and simple solution with no difficulty.

The rebel lives a childlike innocence, and innocence is the most mysterious phenomenon. It opens the doors of all the secrets of life.

Only a rebellious person is truly revolutionary and is truly religious. He does not create an organization, he does not create a following, he does not create churches.

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