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Chapter 2: Nowhere and Everywhere

It is true - I am wild. But what I say is not the wildest. That I am keeping for my last moment; something beautiful, before I leave the body. And what do you call “dirtiest”? In life, there is nothing which makes you feel this way. But things have been repressed in you, and because of repression you have started feeling about these things that they are dirty.

Just ask a small boy, “Is anything dirty in your body?” And he will say, “I don’t know. I don’t see anything dirty. Everything is perfectly beautiful, healthy and functional.”

What you are calling the dirtiest jokes are those jokes which are condemned by your religions. Basically, because all the religions are against sex, anything that refers to sex becomes dirty.

It took thousands of years in the West for a Sigmund Freud to be born and to have courage to talk about sex openly. And he was condemned by all the so-called sophisticated and cultured and educated and powerful people as a dirty old man. Talking about something which should not be talked about.

But in the East, the situation is different. Not today - today the West has contaminated the East completely. There exists a beautiful book, almost ten thousand years old, Kamasutras. It means “maxims on sex”; it is the oldest book on sexology. And the East has not condemned the man who wrote the book but has accepted him in the same category as Gautam Buddha: a seer, a man with clarity, a man with purity, a man of tremendous wisdom and understanding.

You will be surprised to know - and it is unfortunate - that Sigmund Freud, Jung or Adler never came to know about Kamasutras; otherwise they would have felt that they were just beginners. The science had been almost completely developed ten thousand years before, by another man.

He describes eighty-four postures of making love - illustrated. You will be thinking: eighty-four? The West has known only one posture. When Christian missionaries came to the East, people were very much puzzled: “These people are strange. They are fixed only on one posture.” They called that posture “the missionary posture” because the first Christians who came were missionaries - the man on top. And the Eastern people thought that, “This is so brutal - the beast on top of the beauty, heavy, doing push-ups. He can do push-ups anywhere; why torture that woman?” And the woman is lying there almost in deep meditation; she does not even open her eyes because that is against culture. A woman, if she makes any movements while making love, is thought to be against culture.

I have heard that on a sea beach in France a man was caught making love to a dead woman. He was drunk. In the court he said, “Drunk or not drunk, I would have made love to that woman because I thought she was English! She was lying so ladylike, she did not make any movement. She did not even open her eyes. What more do you want? And I have not done any harm, just a few push-ups.”

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