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Chapter 44: Watchfulness Is the Greatest Magic

When he had met me first in Jaipur - that was his home town - listening to me, he came, touched my feet and gave me ten thousand rupees. But I said, “I don’t need rupees, because I am simply traveling alone and my friends can take care of my expenses, traveling, food, accommodation. There is no need.”

Tears came to his eyes, and he said, “Don’t refuse. Don’t hurt me, because I am a poor man. I don’t have anything I can give to you - I have only money. You can’t find a more poor man than me - just money and nothing else. So when somebody refuses money, he is refusing me, because I don’t have anything else. Don’t refuse. If you want to throw it you can throw it; once I have given it to you, it is none of my concern.”

I gave that money to the institution that was organizing my lectures in Jaipur, and from that day - he was very old - he became very friendly to me, and he said, “I have houses in all the big cities of India. So wherever you go, you can stay in my house. And just inform me so I will be there.”

He had beautiful mansions everywhere - Bombay, Hyderabad, Madras, Simla, Calcutta. He said, “I have earned enough, just this celibacy is heavy on me.”

I said, “That’s a very simple matter. At this age it is perfectly right.” I hypnotized him two, three times while I was with him. And then I gave him a posthypnotic suggestion: now you will be able to hypnotize yourself.

And once that posthypnotic suggestion is given, the person becomes able to hypnotize himself. Any strategy can be used: Count from one to seven, or one to ten, and tell yourself, “I will be back in ten minutes” - never forget that, because otherwise there is nobody to wake you up. You will not die, but you may spend almost the same period under hypnosis as in sleep - six to eight hours. If you have time then there is no need to say that, because the hypnotic sleep has a totally different beauty: it is so soft, so silent; it is as if you are no more. And suddenly you come back.

I said, “Before going into hypnosis, repeat three times, ‘I want to remain celibate,’ and that’s enough.”

After six months I met him again in Madras, and I asked him, “What about celibacy?”

He said, “This is a wonder. Without any vow, without going to a spiritual head, confessing, it has simply disappeared. I simply wonder why sex so dominated me. I don’t even remember it.”

You will be surprised to know that in hypnosis even operations can be done; without any anesthesia, big operations, dangerous operations can be done. It is an unexplored science, unnecessarily condemned by a few idiots who have been making an entertainment of it.

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