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Chapter 42: Everybody Is Enough

And I want to do it this way. I don’t want to hypnotize you - that means to make you first unconscious. This way there is no need to make you unconscious. You become more conscious, more alert. You are becoming conscious and alert in order to listen to me. But my purpose is not to teach you something, but to use teaching as an excuse to make you conscious, alert, so you can start touching the superconsciousness in you.

And from superconsciousness a higher quality of hypnosis arises.

The ordinary methods of hypnosis can be dangerous; you can be in the hands of a person who can use you against yourself, because you are unconscious. You are not in a better state than your normal consciousness.

Nobody before has used speaking to help you to become superconscious, so I need not say to you, “Drop this, drop that” - I do not have to give you post-hypnotic suggestions. Everything will be happening herenow, and it will be happening in your fully alert state, so you cannot be used, cannot be misused; you cannot be exploited.

Hypnotism became condemned because people started exploiting it. Anybody who is as unconscious as you are can use the technique of hypnotism. That’s why it became condemned; otherwise such a beautiful phenomenon which can help you towards meditation would not have been condemned.

My way cannot be misused. And when people say to you that you are hypnotized, don’t feel hurt. Tell them, “Yes, we have been hypnotized to wake up. We have been hypnotized to enter into superconsciousness. We have not been hypnotized to go into lower realms of the mind, but to the higher superconscious or collective superconscious” - and finally if you simply go on listening to me, doing nothing, the cosmic consciousness is going to be your experience.

But I have never said it before, and people have always wondered: if I don’t have a religion, don’t have a doctrine, don’t have a teaching, then why do I go on talking to people? I could not tell them; they would not understand. Only those who will experience the relaxation of superconsciousness will be able to see the point. And then certainly, as Kaveesha says, they will understand how long I have been waiting, and how long I have been patient, and how I have been condemned for things which have nothing to do with me.

But I have remained silent because it does not bother me. The only thing that I am interested in is that my people should attain to the state from where they cannot fall before I leave the body.

I cannot give you anything more precious.

How might we sannyasins best relate with one another? We are such an amazing assortment of unique individuals - all determined to be ourselves and avoid society’s impositions. Yet we are all joined by a common thread: love - our love for you - and we all long for the moment when we can melt into you, when we can finally come home.

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