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Chapter 25: A Great Surgery in the Right Hands

Her disciples were a little puzzled, they asked her - she was nearly eighty years old or perhaps more and she used to call me babu, father. I told her, “This is not right, and anyway I am not a Christian priest and I don’t believe in any father there above in the clouds.” But she never listened, she always called me Babu. Her disciples told her, “You call him Babu, but you only go in the morning and sit there for a few minutes. And the whole day meditations are happening, five meditations per day. You don’t participate?”

The old woman said, “Don’t ask me, ask Babu.” And at that time my age was not more than thirty-five. Her disciples said, “We asked and she says we should ask you.”

I said, “She is right. She understands, so she comes every morning to have darshan, to see the master, to refresh the feeling of being with a buddha. It is not necessary to remain twenty-four hours harassing him.”

They said, “This is strange, you think we are harassing you?”

I said, “You are harassing me and I am harassing you. Until everything becomes silent, this harassment is going to continue. I know that you cannot be silent just sitting by my side. But the old woman takes a drink and that is enough. She knows the taste. She is uneducated, a villager, but she is in the same category of the awakened people who have always been condemned as hypnotizing people.”

Gautam Buddha is condemned for hypnotizing people, Mahavira is condemned for hypnotizing people. Nobody is hypnotizing, but their very state of being is such that if you are loving enough, open enough, receptive enough, if you are silently sitting by their side, it is enough. You will become silent: a synchronicity will happen.

Something in you will start disappearing - the clouds of the mind - and the heart will start vibrating with a new wavelength, a dance, a joy, a feeling that the home is not very far away; that “What has happened to this man can happen to me also, just I have never entered deep enough into myself.”

Hypnosis was used, and I accept it as a valid means. The only question is.and that question applies to everything. The method is valid, but the question is whether the person is valid.

I know of one very great surgeon in Nagpur, not very far from here. He was perhaps the best heart surgeon in the whole of Maharashtra, but a very wrong man. He would ask too much money - that was accepted - and in the middle of the operation after he had opened the chest, he would go out and tell the relatives or the friends that five lakh rupees more would be needed. He has opened the chest, it has been decided before how much money he wants, and now this blackmail! And they have to accept, otherwise the man is going to die. Without this opening of the chest he might have lived for a few days more. Now he is finished, with an open chest - this is real open heart surgery! - he cannot go back home and he is in a coma.

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