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Chapter 78: The Inner Guide

Jainas always say that their tirthankaras never urinated, they don’t defecate. Such bad things. But why is urine bad? What do you want to urinate instead of urine? And what is bad in it? But it is such a bad thing. And psychologists say that because the sex center and the urinating organ are the same in man, sex has become condemned. And in woman the sex center is just in the middle, on one side defecation and on the other side urination, sex cannot be good if it is between two such bad things. The condemnation of sex has come because we have condemned defecation. But why? Why condemn it? What is bad? But we accept condemnation and when we accept, then there are problems.

Your whole body is condemned by neurotic people. They may have written scriptures but that doesn’t make any difference. They may have been great leaders - neurotics almost always are. They are great leaders because they are so fanatic that they can immediately get a following. And there are always people who worship fanaticism. Anyone who says something strongly will have people falling at his feet saying he is the right leader. and he may be just neurotic, just mad. These neurotic people have condemned you and you have accepted them, you have been conditioned by them.

When the unconscious flows in you, a subtle well-being will come. You will feel good: everything is good, and everything is divine. Your body comes from the divine, your blood also, your urine also. Everything is divine. When the unconscious flows in you, everything is divine, everything becomes spiritual. Nothing is bad, nothing is condemned. This will be the feeling, and then you will fly. You will become so light you cannot walk. Then nothing is a burden on your head. Then you can enjoy small things in a very great way. Then every trivial things becomes a beauty. But that beauty is given by you - whatsoever you touch becomes golden because deep down you are so filled with bliss.

This will be the first thing that will happen to you - a goodness about yourself. And, when the unconscious starts flowing into your conscious, the second thing will be that you will become less world-oriented, less intellectual, more total. Then if you are happy you will not just simply say that you are happy - you will dance. Just saying, “I am happy,” is pale, meaningless. I see people who say, “I am happy” - but just look at their faces! I know people who say, “I love you,” but their body is not expressing anything. Words are dead but we have substituted them for life. When the unconscious flows in you, this will be the difference: you will live with your total being. When you feel happy, you will dance. Then you will not simply say, “I am happy”-you will be happy: that’s the difference. You will not say, “I am happy” - there is no need to say it because you will be happy. Then there will be no need to say to someone, “I love you” - you will be love. Your whole being will show the feeling, you will vibrate with love. Anybody passing nearby will feel that you love; anyone just touched by your hand will feel a subtle energy has entered into him. There is a warmth in your presence, a happiness.

This will be the second thing. First, you will feel a goodness about yourself and about everything; and second, you will become total. When the guide takes you, you will be total.

The third question: