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Chapter 26: Innocence: The Natural Outlaw

This parable is significant. If there were some way that you could see people through and through, if there were some windows that you could open and look into people’s heads, one thing you would be bound to conclude: everybody is in the same boat. All are suffering. And the reasons for their suffering - the basis of their suffering - are not different. Details may be different: you have suffered with one wife, somebody else has suffered with another wife - that does not matter: both have suffered in a certain relationship. That relationship is the same.

And why have they suffered? The basic fundamentals are the same. The first fundamental is that you are living a schizophrenic life. That’s from where corruption starts. You are one thing and you have to behave as something else. Naturally you have to lie continuously, you have to be cheating people continuously. The cheating will be condemned by the society, the Lying will be condemned by the society, but the society has created the whole thing. It is a very strange society.

The archbishop of Dublin, in Ireland, has condemned the government of Ireland because the Irish parliament is going to introduce a bill which has become famous as the “Pill Bill.” They want every eighteen-year-old child to be legally qualified to get the pill and other birth control methods, contraceptives, from medical stores, from the druggist.

Up to now it has been illegal in Ireland, it has been a crime. Only a couple married by the church is legally authorized to purchase contraceptives - that too on the prescription of a doctor. And this too is not something that has been going on for many years. It became allowed only in 1979, just five years ago. Five years ago even this was a crime; a married couple also could not use contraceptives. For just five years it has no longer been a crime. Now they want young people, girls, boys, to be freed from this unnecessary criminality and illegality.

Just look at the whole thing to understand what corruption is, who creates it. If five years ago you were using contraceptives, even though you were married, you were a criminal. Was it a crime? If it was a crime then how, just by the parliament changing a law, is it now no longer a crime? Now it is legal. But for an unmarried man or woman it is still a crime. No doctor can prescribe for unmarried couples; he would be committing a crime. Without a prescription, no druggist, no chemist can supply you the contraceptives; he would be committing a crime. And without being married, if you are using them, you are committing a crime.

Now how many people are committing crimes just because a few stupid politicians happen to decide that it is illegal? How many people are being turned towards doing things which look evil? Who decides?

Now if this bill fails - there is every possibility, because the archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church has tremendous power in Ireland; if he is against it, all Catholics will be against it. And those politicians are beggars, they depend on people’s votes. Every five years they are standing at your door. If they don’t listen to you, they are losing their next election right now.

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