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Chapter 7: Tuning the Heart

My beloved ones,

The center of thinking is the mind, the center of feeling is the heart, and the center of life-energy is the navel. Thinking and contemplation happen through the mind. We talked a little about the center of thought yesterday. Feeling, experiencing emotions such as love, hate and anger, happens through the heart. Life-energy happens through the navel.

On the first day I told you that the mind is very tense and has to be relaxed. In thinking, there is great tension and stress, the mind is under much stress. The strings of the veena of thought are so taut that no music arises from them. Rather, the strings break and man becomes disturbed; he has become insane. For music to be created, it has become absolutely necessary to relax the strings of the veena of thought so that they can be in tune.

The situation of the heart is exactly opposite to that of the mind. The strings of the heart are very loose: for music to be created, they need to be tightened a little so that they can also be in tune. The tension in the strings of thought has to be reduced and the loose strings of the heart have to be tightened a little.

If the strings of both thought and feeling are in tune, if they are balanced, then the music can be created through which the journey to the navel can be made.

Yesterday we talked about how thoughts can become silent; this morning we will talk about how the strings of feeling, of the heart, can be tightened.

But before you can understand this, you have to understand that mankind has been living under a curse for centuries, and the curse is that he has condemned all the qualities of the heart. He has considered all the qualities of the heart to be a curse, not a blessing. This ignorance, this mistake, has been incalculably harmful. You have condemned anger, you have condemned pride, you have condemned hatred, you have condemned attachment - you have condemned everything. And you have done all this without understanding that all these qualities are just transformations of the same qualities that you praise. You have praised compassion and you have condemned anger, without understanding that compassion is a transformed form of the energy of anger itself. You have condemned hate and you have praised love, without understanding that the energy which appears as hate can be transformed and reappear as love. The energy behind both of these is not different. You have condemned pride and you have praised humbleness, without understanding that the same energy which appears as pride becomes humbleness. There is no basic conflict between these two, they are two aspects of the same energy.

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